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Comment They are oblivous of what is happening around them (Score 1) 221

I stopped going to the cinema years ago, ppl make the whole experience intolerable these days, babies crying, ppl checking their 90" phones all the time, seats that have more chance to be uncomfortable than not

Why would i do that, when i have a 47" tv in my living room, air conditioner, a popcorn making kit, a fridge and i can pause and go to the bathroom at any time ?
I even save the driving time, the gas cost and the extra cost of the junk food i would probably consume if i went there

On demand services are the future of cinema, the Napster guy is telling you that, if you had heard him the last time apple might now have stolen your business from you, altho that whole talk about set up boxes is ridiculous, stop making it harder than it needs to be, look at Netflix, go online, put your paypal or credit card info and you are in

But sure, keep pointing at the dreaded pirates, Im sure those are the ones that will take you business away from you and not Netflix or their competitors. I used to sail the caribbean for my weekend entertainment a few years ago and you know what ? streaming has made it so much more convenient that im happy to pay for the service and forget the hassle of searching the net, handling flashdrives or looking for subtitltes, that is how you end piracy, with better service.

Comment everyone should paid for their mistakes? (Score 0) 406

How does this work ? they made mistakes in their lives that got them in debt, then they found themselves in a bad situation that makes their debts worse ... soooo everyone else should pay them for them ?

So what do you get for doing things right ? for not drowning yourself in debt, busting your ass studying, working, investing, researching, learning and finally succeeding ? ... you get to pay for everyone that did not?

So, what is the incentive for doing things right ?, why waste the effort ?... what do you plan to do when the failure to success balance tips to the failure side because you subsidized being a failure ?

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 2) 171

Look i agree with you, they should support epub

but in the mean time calibre does batch conversion in like 3 clicks, takes about 20 seconds per book you can have it then upload them to your kindle, just leave it working for an hour

Paperwhite is a freaking good deal for the price, specially if you get it during those discount days

Comment Re:Skeptical (Score 1) 515

You need to have the automatic updates on, then it has to succeed downloading the 2~3 gb, then it needs to have enough space in the HD to unpack, and THEN the dreaded "you have 30 minutes to comply or ill ram windows 10 up your computer hole"

If you want proof just run windows update, the windows 10 "upgrade" will be the autoselected option, should you turn automatic updates on it will try to install it

Comment They denied denying the deny (Score 1) 515

What do you mean they are denying it ? they did not deny that they changed it to a recommended update, if you have automatic windows update enabled (enabled by default when you install the os) it WILL install windows 10

i just opened windows update in windows 8.1 to check and it automatically selected the windows 10 upgrade (in the optional tab) as the most critical update instead of the 50+ critical updates in the priority tab

Comment Re:The Incentive to Cheat (Score 1) 394

Yeah the system constantly pushes the idea of "Pass at any cost" instead of "Acquire knowledge, improve yourself"
Its sort of a mix of lazy professors, lack of advancement in education techniques and terrible attempts at motivating the students

The attempts at fixing this have turned education into a "You tried, so you still pass" award show that is getting even WORSE results

Comment You are looking at the wrong problem (Score 1) 394

You are never going to beat technology, in a handful of years youll get students have that have AR overlays implanted on their eyes, you are not going to beat this kind of cheating

The problem is that the testing method using today is too easy to cheat, instead of trying to do the impossible how about designing tests to be more practical making the students apply their knowledge instead of having them parrot information that can be easily written down on a paper.

The whole written test thing is pointless in many subjects, if you are in an embedded processors class, have the students use a test rig to do something, if you are in a chemistry class have the students repeat an experiment, i understand that in the most basic level you have to test basic knowledge but if you try a little bit you can find a better test than "parrot those 10 formulas you have seen in class to the paper again"

I have seen so many students with memory so perfect they could rival Sherlock Holmes but when its time to actually use that information to deduce an equation, explain something or compose a complex answer they turn into drooling mutes

Comment They better make them optional (Score 1) 125

I am not going to use biometrics to authenticate shit

You can only get your biometrics stolen ONCE, after that big effing luck changing your eye signature or your fingerprints

You have littered the whole internet with your facebook and instagram pictures in a while variety of pictures

Media ppl specially, there are thousands of hours of high resolution video of your face in a wide variety of poses, you are soooooooo screwed

Lazy ppl unwilling to remember passwords are going to be the end of us

Just send them rfid/usb Tokens that generate hashes with a secret seed or that stores a long table with random values loaded by Amazon themselves, stop it with the biometrics nonsense

Comment Re:backdoors everywhere (Score 1) 345

But then you are bringing a third party that has nothing to do with the crime the judge is pursuing into the mix

Why should Apple or Google be responsible of unlocking phones or hold the responsibility over back door access or user keys ?

What about the user's rights ? why should their own propiety be used against them ? the law gives you a protection to being pressured to testify against yourself, why shouldnt that protection be extended to a product where ppl pour their most intimate and private thoughts

Comment Crazy (Score 1) 345

The rest of the world does not like eating turds, they are not going to use US software if its embedded in spyware if they can help it, they are probably looking for alternatives right now, i very much doubt these laws will do much for your economy.

There will always be someone somewhere willing to offer that product or equivalent without the shoot-yourself-in-the-foot feature, you are actively preventing US software companies from making a desirable competing product

The inevitable ending is that US made software will quickly lose presence in the market as everyone rushes for the programs that do not happily leave a door open for spreading pictures if their junks all over the net.

Submission + - Motorola is listening

pbritt writes: Ben Lincoln was hooking up to Microsoft ActiveSync at work when
"... I made an interesting discovery about the "Android phone (a Motorola Droid X2) which I was using at the time: it was silently sending a considerable amount of sensitive information to Motorola, and to compound the problem, a great deal of it was over an unencrypted HTTP channel......"

To see what Moto thought they should know about Ben, see:

Submission + - Neuroscientist: First-ever Human Head Transplant is now possible ( 2

dryriver writes: Technical barriers to grafting one person’s head onto another person’s body can now be overcome, says Dr. Sergio Canavero, a member of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group. In a recent paper, Canavero outlines a procedure modeled on successful head transplants which have been carried out in animals since 1970. The one problem with these transplants was that scientists were unable to connect the animals’ spinal cords to their donor bodies, leaving them paralyzed below the point of transplant. But, says Canavero, recent advances in re-connecting spinal cords that are surgically severed mean that it should be technically feasible to do it in humans. (This is not the same as restoring nervous system function to quadriplegics or other victims of traumatic spinal cord injury.)

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