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Comment Re:Yes, "line rental" is for POTS (Score 2) 82

This probably raises a question among some of you: "So why even subscribe to POTS in the cellular era?" Even without considering the pricing structure differences between the U.S. and British phone markets, an advantage of POTS over cellular is that POTS lets you have an extension on each storey (as they spell it), so that you don't need to go upstairs or downstairs to answer the phone. In addition, POTS allows use of a fax machine.

Also, doesn't POTS still work when the power goes out? And elderly tend to stick with what they know, the learning curve from an old landline to a cellphone (even a dumb phone) could be too steep or daunting for the elderly, not to mention ergonomically difficult.

Comment Re:missing the point? (Score 5, Insightful) 331

Looking past the arguments about commas, does anyone one know *why* there is no overtime pay for these specific jobs? How old is the law in question?

I believe the argument is that a lot of the jobs involved with those particular restrictions revolve around seasonal work (fishing season, harvest season, etc). So the jobs entail maybe a month or 2 of heavy hours followed by 10 months of no work at all. Harvest/fishing season work by it's very nature is a very time intensive work when there is work, but most of time there is no work.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

Pretty much all religions want to force their belief system on others. That's how they exist in the first place.

To be fair, when I was working my college summer job at an airport, I was talking to this cute Mormon girl who was about to head out for a mission trip. She started asking if I would be interested in visiting their website. I said "no thanks" and she was like "ok, no problem". Having grown up in the South surrounded by Evangelicals that was a welcome change and it actually bumped up Mormonism a bit in my book, even if a lot of their beliefs are batshit insane. I respected the fact that she wasn't pushy about it at all.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 1) 289

You seem to be referring to the Crusades, which last time I checked, was fighting with just as many, if not more, Muslims at the time.

The Crusaders actually didn't care who they were fighting. They would raid and sack Christian cities on the way to the Holy Land, often killed any Jews they found along the way and, when they finally made it to the Holy Land and captured a city, they killed or enslaved every inhabitant in most cases, whether Muslim, Jew, or Christian. You see, the Crusades weren't about religion (except for the poor schmucks doing most of the fighting). All the knights, nobles, etc were there for money and land. It's a lot easier to steal property and possessions if the former owners are dead. For those few centuries the quickest path to upward mobility was through the Crusades. It was a chance for peasants to make some money and for minor nobles or younger children in noble families (who had little chance of significant inheritance) to gain lands and income, thereby bumping themselves up the social order.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 5, Insightful) 289

The real problem is ISALM. That's why so many Muslims want to turn their back on Ataturk's dream of a modern, secular Turkey and make it yet another Sharia hell-hole.

My argument is always this: Islam is roughly 600 years younger than Christianity. Look at where Christianity was 600 years ago. Inquisitions, witch hunts, regular mass killings of Jews, regular armed conflict between believers of different sects, strict and oppressive interpretations of religion and law, etc. All things that we are basically seeing now with Islam. Take Christianity of the 14th/15th Century and put it in the 20th/21st Century and you would see something that looks a lot like extremist Islam. You want to fix it, you don't try to shut down all things Islam. That just fuels the fire. Instead, you have to embrace and support the moderate elements within Islam, as they are the only ones that can bring Islam out of the dark ages and transform it into a more modern religion. Unfortunately, there are too many people on both sides who derive profit and power through the fear and hate of Islam, so it seems as if is going to take longer and longer for that to happen.

Comment Re:Industrial accident (Score 4, Informative) 407

Looks like the factory has both a history of accidents (2 previous deaths) and owner/name changes. That could indicate a culture of disregard for safety. At the same time, however, if the robots routinely move from section to section in the normal course of operation and (one would assume) the whole line is probably shut down while she is working on the one section, then it seems to me that ti wasn't properly locked out. If you have to stop an assembly line to work on one part of it, you should probably be locking out every portion of that line.

Comment Re:a more pragmatic reason this is happening (Score 2, Interesting) 181

This first-of-its kind SXSW discussion will shed light on how the world's oldest and largest community is adapting to and leveraging new media to encourage a new form of disruption: one guided by understanding, empathy and compassion.

or...more realistically, this was shoehorned in at the behest of an investor, program director, or local community/government representative because Jesus saves and this is Texas.

Isn't SXSW in Austin, which is basically the southernmost neighborhood of San Francisco? Not exactly a bastion of the Bible Belt.

Besides, over 64% of Texans are evangelical protestant while on 21% are Catholic (most likely Latinos). The Vatican doesn't have a whole lot of pull. I see this more and another factor of the modernization to Catholicism that Francis is pushing right now. While Carlin's priest in Dogma was obvious satire, he is correct in that the Church is looking to modernize as a lot of it is out of date and out of touch. A softened stance on divorce for church members, increasing acceptance of LGBT, open musings on allowing married men into the priesthood, Francis washing the feet of Muslim refugees, and now this. Religions have to change (at least in terms of how it operates, but also occasionally in ancillary beliefs as well) in order to remain relevant, or they die. There's nothing wrong with modernization.

Comment Re:Are they wrong? (Score 1) 519

America is not perfect, but it's still the best form of Government the world has ever seen.

[I]t has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

-Winston Churchill

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