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Comment Re:From the article (Score 5, Insightful) 312

Frrom the article:

TVA President Bill Johnson said Watts Bar 2, the first U.S. reactor to enter commercial operation in 20 years, would offer clean, cheap and reliable energy to residents of several southern states for at least another generation.

Clean - as long as you don't count the radioactive waste that has to be stored somewhere for the next thousand years.

Stored for the next thousand years, but ideally (if it weren't for NIMBYs) stored in secured and protected underground caverns where the radioactivity is isolated and contained. As opposed to coal, which spreads radioactivity all over the place or fossil fuels which release massive amounts of greenhouse gasses. Isn't it better to make a very small, unused area really dirty compared to making large swathes of used and inhabited lands only kind of dirty? And in those thousand years that we are storing the nuclear waste we may come up with technology that can reuse that waste for some other purpose.

Comment Re:Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" mark (Score 1) 256

This announcement means Nintendo has officially left the console market and is now competing with ipads. This device appears to be nothing but a 7" tablet with a little plastic charging/video-out docking port that can use external wireless controllers. This might be the next thing in portable gaming systems, but there is no way this will be 'console' class. It is basically a PS-vita with a dock. Personally if I was going to carry around a 7" tablet device, I would just carry a real tablet that can do so much more.

If they strike a deal with Amazon to allow the Kindle and Video apps, this thing would actually replace a lot of what I use my phone for. The use case for this that has me interested is more mobile at home gaming, letting me move from the bedroom to the couch to the kitchen and let me keep playing using a controller, or disconnecting the controller for more general tablet use. Of course, my interest does hinge on the usability of the tablet as an actual, separate tablet.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 356

Whatever the excuse, hopefully it will get bitch slapped by the Supremes and struck down.

Since the bitch will get to choose the Supremes and remove last vestiges of the pretense of a rule of law, nope.

Too bad the Republicans blew their chance to have a semi-moderate judge appointed to the Supreme Court, but they decided to bet everything on red and it landed on green (well, orange might be better fore the analogy with Trump) and will probably end up with another liberal appointment, completely changing the polarity of the Supreme Court for at least the next decade or so.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 4, Insightful) 196

The driver could well be a deaf and dumb guy who can drive, and that would be it.

So what happens if the passenger or the driver has a medical emergency, or the vehicle is involved with in a wreck? There could be a local emergency requiring road closures and detours that isn't on the driver's GPS. There are a number of reasons why you would want a driver carrying paying passengers to have a minimum and set standard of comprehension of the local language.

Comment Real answer (Score 5, Insightful) 51

We wanted to make sure it was as hard as possible for people to leave until our deal with Verizon went through, as more users equals more money for the deal. It was especially important once people became aware of our massive data breach. But now we need the good PR because Verizon is having second thoughts about the proposed deal and wants to renegotiate terms.

Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 689

If you want to send a "fuck you" to the whole system, why the he'll are you voting for anyone running with an "R" or a "D" after their name?

Because saying "fuck you" by voting for the Libertarian or Green candidates is like saying "fuck you" while you're standing out in the middle of the woods with nobody listening. The vote is lost.

This reminds me of a popular anecdote at Georgia Tech. The question was "when is it ok to leave class if the professor hasn't shown up?" and the (comic) answer was "you should only leave if 15% of the class has already left."

Knowing the kind of people that go to Tech, I would say the answer is really "when your beer starts getting warm".

Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 689

What worries me is that with trump there is a good chance we wind up not with a Burlesconi ( who was mostly just an embarrassment) but rather a Duterte (who has authorized and encouraged thousands of extrajudicial killings of his own citizens) or Putin (who has had political opponents murdered and is doing his best to consolidate all the power and wealth in Russia with him and his cronies). The first option is bad. The last two would be catastrophic.

Comment Re:These guys called me last week. (Score 1) 212

I got a bunch of them for about a week straight a few months ago. One time they called me and left a message saying they were from the IRS and I owed money and there was a warrant out for my arrest. They then called me back 10 minutes later stating they were from the Canadian IRS.....really can't believe people fall for this stuff.

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