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Comment Re:WTF are they proposing to improve exactly? (Score 1) 88

Customer is not necessarily the same as end-user.

End users are *consumers* of a product, not providers of it. Advertisers are not at the actual receiving end of the product consumption chain, they are either entirely at the top or else somewhere in the middle. By definition, end users cannot be the advertisers, they are the people that are advertised *to*.

Comment Re:Weirdly specific statement (Score 1) 32

The significance of this is Elon Musk, who is the self-driving Uber of dot.com billionaires and is the hero of our times.

Well, I knew Steve Jobs well enough, and have met a few civilian astronauts and a bunch of other rich people. None of the others seem to have done so much for the long-term future of the human race as Musk has in leading the path to more affordable spaceflight.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 4, Insightful) 359

It does not count if Congress declares any one of these emails classified after the fact for political effect.

You're begging the question here. Information is classified based on the content, markings are irrelevant. There's explicitly statutory language that indicates that someone who Should Know that data involved Should Be classified should be treating it as classified, *regardless* of any markings or lack thereof.

Joe Blow on the street may not know that certain info is classified and might pass it along. The Secretary of State is expected to know that something is classified information and has a duty to take care of it responsible. That's something you're "read into" before you ever receive any clearance at all.

If the emails are considered classified retroactively, then someone in her position should have realized they contained sensitive data. Nothing is being classified "for political effect"... and if something is, then that's a scandal in and of itself.

Comment Cloud spoils the dream (Score 1) 145

I'm fine with a smart home. I'm old enough to remember the DAK Catalog and more-or-less drooling over the advanced dreams that the 80s could sell me. But I'm not fine any of this data leaving my property line, or with intelligence or non-aggregated usage telemetry resulting in internal details going over the wire for evaluation. Even if Alphabet "Did No Evil" (which it probably does), transmission to control on the outside opens me up for spying and makes me vulnerable to hack.

If a company wants to provide a means for me to control and automate my life, that's great. Do it with local control.

Comment Re:Sixty Years Ago... (Score 1) 32

Well, it beats making them into the world's most complicated airplanes as with the space shuttle. SpaceX has proven that they can do vertical landings of the first stage intact onto both land and a seagoing barge; after a trip out of the atmosphere and to about 1/5 of orbital velocity but not into orbit. They plan to do a parachute-less vertical landing of the Dragon capsule after a heat-shield re-entry. That turns out to be far less expensive and complicated than a space plane. It does turn out we need a lifting body for much larger vehicles. It still doesn't have to be a plane, though.

We don't need wings.

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