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Comment Re:never again (Score 1) 64

At least in 2nd Edition, you're supposed to re-draw a new character at random if you die. This only stops once a player has reached the center space (Crown of Command by default).

You generally don't want to leave the Outer Region until you've gotten a pretty powerful character. If you do want to cross the river, you can buy an axe for 3 gold and build a raft. Bags of gold are easy to come by - you're practically stubbing your toes on the things if you're going around drawing Adventure cards.

The main knock on 2nd Edition is that it does take a really long time to play. But it's still fun once in a while.

Comment he's not alone (Score 1) 425

The Wikipedia Typo Team has a lot of people who "adopt" particular misspellings by periodically searching for them and fixing them. I've been doing it since 2006 and I'm a little short of 100,000 edits. Of course I am not quite so fixated as Giraffedata - I also work on other projects, collect interesting vandalism, and create the occasional article.

There's plenty of room to contribute in small ways. People who mainly do things like this are referred to as WikiGnomes.

Comment more karaoke tracks? (Score 5, Interesting) 48

Over the past five years I've taken on the mantle of karaoke nerd (I will also answer to diva), and I've really enjoyed performing the karaoke tracks which I bought from your website and persuaded various KJs to import. "First of May" tends to get me some funny looks, and despite the disclaimer, I've yet to be punched in the nose after singing it./

Do you have plans to release any new karaoke tracks? Is there any chance that "Still Alive" will get one, or does Valve own those rights?

What about more sheet music?

Comment Nice (Score 1) 4

Getting paid to do what you do for fun sounds like a good deal.

I need to work out a way to get paid for cleaning up mistakes on Wikipedia.

Comment Re:CHEAP e-mail phone (Score 1) 294

Hey, no howling from this quarter. I'm still using my Treo 650 and I have a spare in reserve for when this one dies. It may not be fashionable, but it's a great tool for doing what I need - keeping contacts, notes, and calendar and syncing them with standalone Outlook. Many newer phones won't do that at all, or require you to take a roundabout route through Windows Live or Exchange.

Pertinent to the OP, the Treo is grandfathered in with Verizon and doesn't require you to buy a data plan. It does just fine with calling and SMS (though I have run into some problems with MMS).

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