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Comment lock it down (Score 1) 884

i would, lock everything down. starting with wpa2 with a really long random string, I would even change the wireless network SSID to a random string.
(part of the crypto use the ssid in the hash)

I would add, mac address auth, change all my DHCP settings. and even hide my network.

just to start, off the top of my head....


Comment Forgeting (Score 1) 213

you can not just take, random geeks. even ones that "quote" play at mock combat. and test them, and compare that to a medieval warrior Knight. Form almost, all of these warriors it was a full time job, meaning they where in shape for it. otherwise, they would have died in combat....

Comment in the real world..... (Score 1) 191

in the real world, the OS is mattering not as much as it once did. what is driving is the 'solution', or what are your mainline apps? an example is a shop that runs autoCAD, this is a MS only app the costs big bucks.

and for the server world, its the same you have companys with these huge investments in internal and external control apps, and starting over is not something they will do with out very long and carful considerations.

and even in shops, that are mixed and have heavy Unix presense there are issues becuase SUN and Novel support sucks. tho redhat is pretty good but; going with a full readhat solution is big bucks...

so, and you have to consider what apps you going to need. and writing everything over is not a good answer as some shops could have 20 apps....


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