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Comment access control (Score 1) 140

First make sure the windows firewall is enabled, and the inbound is set to block. you can also use device manager to disable the wireless devices if you want. but
that wont stop malware from doing an outbound connection.

but here the short list:
1 use ciscos opendns and configure the web security rules.
2 decent AV/security software
3 malwarebytes
4 chrome
5 block flash and ads, use WOT plugin
6 UAC set to full do not run as admin


Comment Re:Right Thing to do... (Score 1) 626

sure, I am sure most of the tech industry is gaming the system, but for mid level talent, or above its very hard to find people. and when you start to drill down into
some specific skillsets its gets even harder. much of the tech industry trys to find the best people. and, many of these companys are multinational so for example
if you run data centers Germany they need to be staffed by germans that handle german data. once you start forcing arcane rules you start to run into all sorts of
issues for no reason.

better, is to address the root issues instead of blanket banning, as a protectist, isolationist which never works....

Comment Right Thing to do... (Score 1) 626

I work in the tech industry like many here on this board. I think opposing the order was the right thing. opposing it, is more than just about so called "cheap labor"
for the tech industry. for one it sets president, of what an executive order can or should do. this is not a dictatorship, we have laws and processess and they are not
being followed.

is it possible, that the H1B program is being abused? well yea, no shit sherlock. lets dig into that and find out where and why. blanket banning like was done,
was done without thought, logic or reasons. hell the places with the most exported terrorist where not on the lists which also line up nicely as places trump
does business odd hunh? so trump gets to make sure all the places he does business with are not listed, but everyone else just has to take it? not how it works
and the tech companys and states are fighting back.

welcome to the legal system...


Comment lock it down (Score 1) 884

i would, lock everything down. starting with wpa2 with a really long random string, I would even change the wireless network SSID to a random string.
(part of the crypto use the ssid in the hash)

I would add, mac address auth, change all my DHCP settings. and even hide my network.

just to start, off the top of my head....


Comment Forgeting (Score 1) 213

you can not just take, random geeks. even ones that "quote" play at mock combat. and test them, and compare that to a medieval warrior Knight. Form almost, all of these warriors it was a full time job, meaning they where in shape for it. otherwise, they would have died in combat....

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