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The Internet

Submission + - Games 2.0: The Internet is the games platform

VonSnouty writes: Ubiquitous connectivity in the latest games consoles and the inevitable edge given to any games that exploits them due to true network effects are going to lead to a revolution in games, argues an interesting lead article in Develop magazine, which is available online for some reason this month. From the article: "So far the internet's impact has been on MMOGs and multiplayer modes in standalone games, but over the next couple of cycles — assuming the five-yearly reinventions survive the transition — a huge proportion, perhaps a majority, of what we enjoy as games will likely be created, shaped, and guided by communities connected by the internet and often oblivious to their role as anything more than consumers.

Submission + - Using Safari can slow your system down as much as

Ed over in accounting writes: Using Safari can slow your system down as much as 76% vs Firefox Macenstein has posted some seudo-scientific benchmark results which seem to show that using the Safari web browser while performing processor/RAM intensive tasks (such as working with large Photoshop and After Effects renders) can increase render times as much as 76% over using other web browsers such as Firefox. Many people have posted they believe Safari suffers from a fairly noticeable memory leak, and reports of Safari using over 1GB of RAM and over 3.6 GB of virtual RAM are being reported as well.

DRM Free Music is Everywhere 369

guisar writes "I continue to endure stories on Slashdot and elsewhere complaining about EMI, itunes and other organizations maybe (or maybe not) releasing material in DRM free format. Well- here's some news there's LOTS of material out there. So instead of complaining, download what you like. There are plenty of artists releasing their material in FLAC and other DRM free format. Just look around. Most artists are doing their part by releasing their music in the hopes they can gain enough exposure to earn a living at what they love. If you're complaining about major labels not releasing material, it's probably too late and you are part of the problem." I think this point is often unfairly ignored: the existence of DRM is a fantastic chance for new distribution to reveal new bands. Unfortunately this music is difficult to find because there is simply so much of it.

Submission + - How much energy is in a cubic mile of oil?

Prof. Goose writes: "http://www.theoildrum.com/node/2320

A lot's been said lately about how much energy is in a cubic mile of oil. This is roughly the amount the world uses in a year.

(then a really cool graphic showing oil/energy equivalents for other sources)

Leaving aside some errors in these numbers that I found (the coal and nuclear numbers are off by about 10% to each other, and the capacity factor of wind turbines should be closer to 30%) the most essential oversight in that equation is elephantine: It compares oil's inputs to the other's outputs. Compared to that, the rest is small potatoes. Let's discuss it.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Slate: Casual Play on 360 Live Arcade

twoallbeefpatties writes: "Columnist Chris Suellentrop writes an article for Slate describing how his desire for casual gaming is fulfilled more by the 360 than the Wii due to the presence of simpler games available over Live Arcade, saying that the availability of oldschool Nintendo games on the Wii network fulfills his nostalgic hardcore gaming side, but when he really wants to just relax, he'd rather be trying to top his Live high score on Root Beer Tapper."

Submission + - Is your website banned in China?

tcd004 writes: "Is your site banned in China? FP Passport recently profiled a new online service, Greatfirewallofchina.org, which tests any website from a server based inside the Middle Kingdom, and reports back whether or not the page is available. Passport also notes that the Great Firewall reveals Chinese censorship whittles down websites to block out individual pages, instead of always applying a site-wide block. The site keeps a running log of each test so Censorship trends over time can be easily tracked."

Submission + - Dell to build mobile phones?

An anonymous reader writes: Just days after Dell poached Motorola's handset guru, Ron Garriques, speculation is growing that the company is planning to enter the mobile space. Telecoms.com has an article discussing this.

Submission + - German Anti-terror Data Law Starts Tomorrow

narramissic writes: "A German law allowing security officials to amass an enormous and comprehensive pool of personal data on suspected terrorists is to begin Thursday. The databases of nearly 40 different agencies will be linked to generate index files on suspected terrorists that contain the person's name, bank account number, telephone number, e-mail address, driver's license information and other data, including the names of companies, organizations and other parties associated with the person and linked to terrorist groups."

Golf-Ball Sized Hail Damages Shuttle 118

MattSparkes writes "The Shuttles March launch has been delayed to late April after golf-ball sized hail caused 7000 pits and divots in the foam that shields the fuel tank. NASA say it's the worst damage of its kind that they have ever seen, but hail is not a new problem for the agency. In 1982, a hailstorm damaged the sensitive heat shield tiles on the Columbia's wings. The damaged tiles then absorbed about 540 kilograms of rain. Once in space, the orbiter faced the Sun to allow the tiles to dry out."

Submission + - What Technology Are You Thankful For?

Skystrider writes: "On this American Thanksgiving Holiday, it might be a good time to think about the science and technology developments from this past year that you are thankful for. Have there been any new developments that make your jobs or lives easier? Any new way to have fun?"
User Journal

Journal SPAM: US is unfriendly to visitors: survey 20

November 21, 2006 - 10:29AM

The United States is the world's most unfriendly country for international travellers, a survey suggests.

The global survey showed the US was ranked "the worst" because of rude immigration officials and long delays in processing visas.


Submission + - Where to download videos for my WMV player?

drachenstern writes: "My wife has an iPod video, and for my nephew we picked up a Disney Max Mix (you'll notice they haven't even put the product on their site for support) so he could watch videos. However, now we cannot find any sites which offer an iTunes style video download process for WMVs, although we are very impressed with the streaming video options. So my question to the Slashdot crowd is where can users download WMV or similar videos which can be easily transferred to portable media players so that we can all appear to be the respective heroes of our Christmas toys wonderlands this season?

Just for the record, we've tried all the usual suspects, including the Rhapsody network, Urge, Napster, AOLMusicNow, and even out of desperation confirmed that Wal-Mart and the Zune Marketplace do not offer this service. For those keeping score at home, we are looking to download youngster appropriate materials, including Disney videos. He's at that age that he is into Hannah Montana and the Cheetah Girls."

Submission + - Antimatter scam: bogus science!

xtenkfarpl writes: "Anyone seen this site? http://www.matter-antimatter.com/ Comets are antimatter? Give me a break! When I first came across it I thought this was a standard crackpot of the "Einstein is wrong because here's my theory..." genre. But on closer reading, particularly of the section where he basically lies about the results of the 'Deep Impact' probe (with carefully crafted misdirections), I think it's a commercial scam, intended to soak hapless "investors". Shouldn't some law enforcement agency shut this guy down?!"

Submission + - Microsoft Patent for Anti-Virus Software

tibbar66 writes: "If I read this patent correctly, MS own the rights over the idea of scanning files by early notification of a file being opened — this is how all antivirus software operate! See: http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5956481-fulltext .html Method and apparatus for protecting data files on a computer from virus infection US Patent Issued on September 21, 1999 Assignee Microsoft Corporation Abstract: Protection of data files on a computer system from infection or damage by a computer virus. A virus protection system can detect either an external or internal open file event for a file maintained on a local or remote computer. Typically, the protection system is implemented as an internal component of the program module that processes the files protected by the protection system. Prior to responding to a detected open file event, an inquiry is conducted to determine whether the file is likely to contain a virus. If so, a notice is generated to indicate that the file may contain a virus, thereby advising of the possible danger of spreading the virus to other files if the file opening is completed. If the file is not likely to contain the virus, the response to the detected open file event is completed by opening the file for processing by the program module."

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