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Journal Journal: An actual use for this space

I can be a bit slow at times... but as I have discovered that at least some people actually do come here to see what I may have written (a huge surprise to me), I might as well make a pitch for two organizations that I find worth while: The EFF The Electronic Frontier Foundation

And the FSF The Free Software Foundation

I'm very proud to be a contributing member to both, and would like anyone that drops by here to take a look and join either, or better both, of these fine organizations.

BTW: I'm not astroturfing - although I could use my membership links and get some credit for anyone that joins through a link I set up, I don't do that.

I'd rather these people get the entire benefit of anything that comes there way - they need it... and you (and I) need them.

Take a second and just do it, what ever you can manage to spare, it's easy and everything helps. So don't think you must make some huge donation or something (it would be nice if you could though - I wish I could).

Thanks for dropping by - and thanks even more if you can help either or both the FSF and/or the EFF.

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Journal Journal: I have a journal reader - WOW!

Today some one actually read this journal! I'm so proud...

I have a 'public', well an AC, but still he came here and read, and posted about it!

True he was complaining about the content here, but hey, as long as he came and read, and got my Nick spelled right, why complain.

Could this be leading to a future as a blogger?

Well probably not, and as the AC pointed out, I'm no comedian... but hey, he came, he read, he posted about it.

I'll just have to work on content I guess...

I know it's not much, but you know AC's count too... well for something, even if not much, but it's a start anyway.

So thanks AC, who ever you are. You made my day!

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Journal Journal: Bump

Be it known that today, 1/27/06, I did make this permanent record in my journal.

The sole purpose of this record is just to make this record.

I have, therefore, accomplished at least one goal today.

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Journal Journal: 4 entries in just over a year

I just thought it would look better in my (few) posts, if under my nick the date of my last journal entry was more up to date.

Or to put it another way: "Bump"

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Journal Journal: New password today

So long without logging in (like 2 weeks?) That they forgot me (and I forgot my password)...

Well all fixed now.

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Journal Journal: The price

I notice that if I blog only to prove my existence to myself, then I must blog often enough that I do not forget myself, and therefore just fade away.............
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Journal Journal: First entry 4/26/03

This is just to remind me when I started this journal - and how long it has been since I wrote anything in it. And to use some server space - I view it as proof of my existance...

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