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Comment What Internet? (Score 5, Insightful) 365

All I see is a bunch of telecom fiefdoms expanding their influence. It was nice having an internet for a while, but TCP/IP was never built to enforce network neutrality, and you can't stop technology from breaking old protocols and extracting value from communication before that value can be delivered to the real intended recipient.

Deep Packet Inspection is Piracy. Return the favor.

Comment Re:Hemingway Quote (Score 2) 393

Stupid quote that doesn't apply. The reality is that no new PC hardware means no new PC sales.

Did IDC Predict that the newest GPUs would focus on energy efficiency, forsaking performance improvements; and it has been well over a year since Intel broke new performance ground? Even AMD hasn't released anything worth considering, unless your in the market for a budget pc, since the middle of last year.

Comment Re:50% of us have an iPhone (Score 1) 495

> tons of options in the settings

I'm not sure what you mean by "options" and "variety" or "balance", when I didn't even mention these. What exactly kind of "balance" are you even talking about?

Easy means presenting the *actual* device controls to you in an intuitive manner, that illustrate clearly how they interact with the device state. REAL intuitiveness, not pretend intuitiveness with paper folded corners and textured tabs and buttons that stick out. This is the UI bullshiting in your face.

Options in the settings for services I didn't even want to give to apps in the first place is a anti-pattern. Why would I even care what services and app can access? Why do I think my phone should be controlling things like social media account to be giving it out to apps?

Why can I restrict an App's access to my social media account (which I don't even have) but I can't restrict an individual app's access to the network?

This is useless bullshit, it's a lie. I'm sure you're happy with a lie because there's "tons of options in the settings".

Comment RTFD (Score 1) 80

Have you tried Google or the AWS documentation? What you are asking for is the bare-bones most basic use case. They even have services setup to make this kind of thing easier, like the Simple Workflow Service, Messaging Service and Simple Que Service.

high-level introduction to workflow service:

recipes using workflow service:

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