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Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 1) 262

It's fucking stupid. It's rarely needed function that is rarely used. IT'S STILL NEEDED. Clearing cookies is rarely needed as well, but they're not going to remove that (yet, I'm sure they'll say something like "keep your cookies in the cloud")

I'm sure the real reasoning behind this is to pad their usage stats. Chrome users spend 25% more time on your website and spend $fake_dollars more!

Comment Throwaway money for throwaway processes. (Score 1) 205

Demographics are for businesses, not developers. It's certainly not data that I would normally consider part of a technical solution. But yes, if Mozilla was so inclined to throw away large sums of money on an advertisement campaign, this data would be useful. Even then, entertaining your position, you don't make conclusions from statistics, afaik, you make an *induction*.

It's not like Browsers are a solution in search of an audience. They're a fuzzy language parser and presentation layer. The problem Firefox and other browsers face isn't first, a technical one. It's not a marketing issue either.

The issue is with the standards bodies and how web standards are developed and how they're implemented. They have become a weapon that tech firms use to leverage complexity as a weapon against competing firms. The standards in use today are there because of economic momentum, not because they're a good solution. I'm sure outside of the commercial web, HTML1/2 is the number one language used by a majority of web content. If someone releases a good tool chain that can undercut the current zeitgeist of web dev, the game is all theirs. Nobody but these large multinationals are going to have the resources to make sure such a toolchain can gather enough mindshare. So here we are with competing toolchains, languages and "living standards" that are mostly built by the big 3, and updated whenever they can get together and agree to put their collective boot in the face of the little guys.

Comment Re:The rules aren't what makes it easy (Score 1) 189

I think it's pretty clear at this point that this kind of mass data is only useful for economic indicators, i.e. they either sell this data to data warehouses or use it for whatever kind of modeling they like. Obviously a real terrorist isn't driving around with identifying plates.

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