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Submission + - Nvidia's GTX 460: Competition Once Again? (

NervousNerd writes: Nvidia's first DirectX 11 offerings ran hot and offered a negligible performance difference compared to ATI's Radeon HD 5800 series for the cost. Also missing was the $200 mid-range part. But that stopped when Nvidia released the GTX 460 based on a modified version of their infamous Fermi architecture. The GTX 460 offers incredible performance for the price and soundly beats ATI's $200 offering the HD 5830.

Submission + - What's Happening With SkyOS?

Stephen writes: I paid to be on the SkyOS beta team several years ago. Development has been "suspended" and the lead developer has not answered any emails that I've sent him. From what I've heard, a good portion of the SkyOS code is actually just lifted GPL stuff. Does any other Slashdotter know what's up with SkyOS?

Submission + - A look at Internet connections in the past 9 years

Nervous Nerd writes: It was 9 years ago this month that freewwweb, the largest and most popular free dial-up ISP shut down. What's happened since then? Anything truly innovative? Cheaper and far more widespread broadband? These days, if anything, we've taken a step back, with the introduction of caps in the form of Comcast's 250GB cap and Time Warner's wanting to introduce a 40GB cap. So, has anything innovative really happened with Internet connections within the last 9 years?

Submission + - Free one year TechNet Subscription (

NervousNerd writes: "Ars Technica writes that users in the US, UK, and Canada can get a TechNet subscription for free (it usually goes for $399 to $599). Is this a technical error or is this something far more sinister?

TechNet Plus subscription is aimed at IT Professionals who want full-version Microsoft software, beta software, professional support incidents, managed newsgroup support, a technical information library, Microsoft eLearning courses, online concierge chat, the TechNet Magazine, and many other resources for evaluating, deploying, and maintaining Microsoft software. The subscription normally goes for $349 (download-only) or for $599 (download and DVD shipments). You want it free though, right?


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