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Submission + - Raspberry Pi unveils new $5 mini-computer

An anonymous reader writes: The Raspberry Pi Foundation unveiled the Pi Zero, a new $5 mini-computer, Thursday morning. The board is the smallest Raspberry Pi yet, containing the first-gen Raspberry Pi's BCM2835 chip (safely overclocked to 1GHz) and 512MB RAM. The latest issue of The Magpi will include a free Raspberry Pi Zero and hits U.K. newsstands Thursday. The announcement came just a few days before the highly anticipated C.H.I.P. $9 mini-computer goes on sale to the public.

Submission + - Nvidia's GTX970 has a rather serious memory allocation bug (

An anonymous reader writes: NVidia’s GTX 970 is the current price-to-performance darling, offering incredible visual for incredible value. It seems, however, that it’s harbouring a dark secret. It’s a 4GB card, but it looks like a significant chunk of that VRAM doesn’t work.

Submission + - Slashdot Posts Another Bogus Off Topic Story ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Once again, (supposedly a tech blog), posts a bogus political hit piece that has absolutely nothing to do with technology. Do the editors of realize that acting as a tool for the far left will just drive away readers who prefer their tech blogs to be about tech and not about political propaganda?

Submission + - You Are Not Mark Zuckerberg, So Stay In School

theodp writes: Over at TechCrunch, Vivek Wadhwa offers some don't-be-a-fool-stay-in-school advice to students that sounds a bit like an old-school Mr. T PSA. TechCrunch CEO Michael Arrington's questioning of whether students need to get any degree or go to college at all may sound appealing — dropouts Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did do alright for themselves — but Wadhwa gives some good reasons why you should probably take the school-is-for-chumps argument with a grain of salt. 'The harsh reality,' warns Wadhwa, is that for every Zuckerberg, there are a thousand who drop out of college and fail,' and many big companies won't even consider hiring you for that fallback job without a degree. And, believe it or not, you can still become a tech billionaire later in life even if you're cursed with a PhD.

Submission + - Windows 95 Turns 15

An anonymous reader writes: 15 years ago on this day, Microsoft's then new Windows 95 was released. Among other things it moved users away from the archaic file manager and program manager to Windows explorer and the start menu. Compared to today's "social desktop", I'd much rather have the simpler and more sparese (pre Internet Explorer integrated) Windows Explorer, though I do not like the (lack of) stability that Windows 95 offers. Of course if you were alive then, you've probably seen the commercials.

Submission + - Bad Company 2 No Better Than MW2 After All.. (

An anonymous reader writes: Remember when DICE placated Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as being better because it had dedicated servers? While it still may have dedicated servers (that are hosted by EA's partners), it appears that there will be no new map packs until Bad Company 2: Vietnam is released later this year for $30 and includes 4 maps. Quite naturally players are up in arms over it because there are still bugs that haven't been removed since the game was released back in March. That's too bad since Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 were excellent games for their time.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do I Fight Russian Site Cloners? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I used to run a small web design service--the domain for which, I allowed to expire after years of non-use. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my old site was back online at the old domain. The site-cloners are now using my old email addresses to gain access to old third-party web services accounts (invoicing tools, etc.) and are fraudulently billing my clients for years of services. I've contacted the Russian site host, PayPal, and the invoicing service. What more can I do? Can I fight back?

Submission + - Free Software Foundation urge Google to free VP8 (

jamesswift writes: The FSF have written an open letter to Google urging them to free the VP8 codec with an irrevocable royalty-free licence.

"With its purchase of the On2 video compression technology company having been completed on Wednesday February 16, 2010, Google now has the opportunity to make free video formats the standard, freeing the web from both Flash and the proprietary H.264 codec."

Operating Systems

Submission + - What Happened to SkyOS?

An anonymous reader writes: As one of the (unlucky) users who bought into the SkyOS beta a few years ago, I have to ask: What happened to SkyOS? I've asked several questions and sent several emails to the developer, to get no response back. The latest I heard about SkyOS is that it is now running under the Linux kernel. Are there any other Slashdotters that bought into the "beta" and are asking the same questions?

Submission + - Did we lose the privacy war? 3

eihab writes: I have been fanatic about my online privacy for the last few years. I've been using no-script and blocking Google Analytics, disabling third-party cookies, encrypting IM and doing everything in my power to keep data-miners at bay.

Recently, I've been feeling like I'm just doing too much and losing! No matter what I do I know that there's a weak link somewhere, be it my ISP, flash cookies, etc.

I've recently got AT&T U-Verse who, according to their privacy statement, will be monitoring my TV watching habits for advertisement purposes. I'm extremely annoyed by that, but yet I love the service so much and I don't think I can cancel it.

I just can't take this anymore. I have nothing to hide, but I do not want to be profiled and become member #5534289 in a database somewhere with everything I do recorded. I know I'm not that interesting to anyone, but just the idea of someone being able to pull up everything about me with a simple SQL SELECT statement and a couple of JOINS makes me cringe.

One of the reasons I hate data mining is that data security is not understood and almost non-existent at a lot of places. Case in point, I changed my life insurance two years ago, and the medical firm that conducted my health screening was broken into and computers with non-encrypted hard drives and patients data were stolen. I received a complimentary 1 year identity theft protection and an apology letter stating that they are "not sure" if my data was stolen, but, "here's a complementary 1 year protection... enjoy".

That medical firm didn't really need my SSN, but then again neither did AT&T when I signed up for U-Verse. However, it's becoming more and more difficult to conduct business without giving up your SSN or other sensitive data.

Am I just too paranoid? Is privacy dead? Should I just give up and accept the fact that privacy is not the norm anymore (like Facebook's founder recently said) or should I keep fighting the good fight for my privacy?

Submission + - Vulgar Comment on Newspaper site costs man his job 1

DeeFresh writes: "ReadWriteWeb has an article up today discussing an incident in which a school employee lost his job after leaving a comment on the website of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. After the school employee responded to the newspaper's poll of "the strangest thing you've ever eaten" with a feline-inspired vulgarity, Kurt Greenbaum, the site's director of social media, tracked down the commenter's identity through his IP Address and reported him to school officials. When confronted, the school employee resigned from his job.
Here is Greenbaum's follow up article discussing the employee's resignation."

Submission + - Microsoft: No TCP/IP patches for you, XP ( 1

CWmike writes: Microsoft says it won't patch Windows XP for a pair of bugs it quashed Sept. 8 in Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. The news adds Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and SP3 to the no-patch list that previously included only Windows 2000 Server SP4. "We're talking about code that is 12 to 15 years old in its origin, so backporting that level of code is essentially not feasible," said security program manager Adrian Stone during Microsoft's monthly post-patch Webcast, referring to Windows 2000 and XP. "An update for Windows XP will not be made available," Stone and fellow program manager Jerry Bryant said during the Q&A portion of the Webcast (transcript here). Last Tuesday, Microsoft said that it wouldn't be patching Windows 2000 because creating a fix was "infeasible."

Submission + - Long-time CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite dies @92

spazekaat writes: Just found out a few minutes ago......long time CBS news reporter/anchor has died at the age of 92. Report is on CNN ( He had a long and varied career, but I personally remember him as a child as the "voice" who reported to the joe-public during the American space missions. Most poignant to me personally was his coverage of the Apollo 11 mission, the 40th anniversary is being celebrated now. I really feel bad that his death came only a couple of days of the actual landing anniversary, it would have made a great interview. "Godspeed" Walter Cronkite, I for one shall miss this great reporter. BTW -I am Canadian, but Walter had influences all over the world, I'm sure.
Social Networks

Submission + - Twitter set to charge for account verification (

Slatterz writes: Twitter may start charging companies to verify their accounts, as part of recently unveiled plans to tackle the increasing problem of cyber squatters setting up fake accounts. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said that Twitter will target a few companies to begin with, including Dell, Whole Foods Mark Inc and Starbucks Corp. The news follows a revelation by Dell that it has earned $3m in revenue through Twitter since 2007. Twitter has been looking at ways to generate revenue for a long time. Even though the site is growing at a phenomenal rate, it has had trouble monetising its web traffic.

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