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Submission + - Small asteroid burns up over Atlantic Ocean

The Bad Astronomer writes: On Feb. 6, an asteroid roughly 6 meters across burned up over the Atlantic Ocean, exploding like a 10 kiloton bomb. Although this was the largest event since the Chelyabinsk superbolide in 2013 (which injured 1000+ people), there were no witnesses. It happened 1000 km off the coast of Brazil, and was reported by the military, though it's unclear how they detected it.

Submission + - Google Glass Integrations for Cars are Coming - Neat Idea or Crazy Town?

cartechboy writes: Americans have enough trouble keeping from texting their way to dangerous — or worse — situations in cars. But now car makers, looking to differentiate with tech integrations and after jamming iPhone everywhere, are working hard at integrating Google Glass into vehicles. Consider this quote:

"Within seconds, I’ve got step-by-step directions to a coffee shop down the street beamed directly to my eyeballs."

Aside from being a little Jetsons, sounds potentially problematic. (Note, Mercedes had been doing R&D since July.) It goes without saying that someone is working on an integration of their own with a Tesla Model S.

There is a coolness factor, there may be some utility — but not usre this is a great idea.

Comment Re:First toast (Score 1) 366

This reminds me of the time where I had lizards in my case. I started smelling something funny and pinpointed the smell at my computer case. I opened her up and found 6 dead lizards. I have no idea how they got in there. They were not pet lizards but they kind you see sunning themselves on the sides of brick homes. I guess they got in the house and found a warm spot and couldn't get back out. I wish I had pics.

Comment Re:How do you type the funny e? (Score 1) 591

hold Alt and then tap 0233 on the number pad (then release Alt).

There has to be a better way. It's usually faster for me to go to google and type a french word that I know has an accent in it (without the accent of course) and then paste the accented e that is presented in the search results.

What do French speakers/typists do on Windows? On a mac it's option+e, e.


Mozilla Jetpack, an API For Standards-Based Add-Ons 42

revealingheart writes "Mozilla Labs have released a prototype extension called Jetpack: An API for allowing you to write Firefox add-ons using existing web technologies to enhance the browser (e.g. HTML, CSS and Javascript), with the goal of allowing anyone who can build a Web site to participate in making the Web a better place to work, communicate and play. Example add-ons are included on the Jetpack website. While currently only a prototype, this could lead to a simpler and easier to develop add-on system, which all browsers could potentially implement."

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