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Comment BOHICA (Score 1) 195

I actually was in this position back in 1999. I was just hired at this midsized company... The Network Admin was stepping down to a programmer position... He went on a 2 week vacation a week after I was hired then turned in his 2 weeks notice on the first day of his vacation. It was tons of fun. The way I did it? Changed all the passwords and went thru everything and charted everything out, then started making changes just in case. Good luck with your experience with this. I know it sucks.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Hosting location recommendations in light of NSA'S PRISM & Co. 1

digisus writes: With more and more information about the extent of NSA wiretapping on the world becoming public, I consider moving away from my US-based ISP to one in Europe (or somewhere else) as one step to exercise my right to be left alone. As I would assume a few others share this interest, I am asking the slashdot community for the benefit of all of us: Which countries/jurisdictions and maybe ISPs would you recommend and why?

Submission + - How to stop AT&T from selling your private data to advertisers (

An anonymous reader writes: Reports from earlier this week suggested that AT&T is ready to follow in its rivals’ footsteps and begin selling the private usage data it collects from its subscribers’ phones to advertisers. The data in question is anonymized, according to AT&T, but it includes very sensitive information such as customers’ locations, Web browsing history, mobile app usage and more. Privacy is something of a hot button issue right now, so it is likely that a number of AT&T subscribers would prefer to not have their private data sold to advertisers. Luckily, there is a fast and easy way to opt out of AT&T’s “External Marketing and Analytics Reporting” program, and complete instructions can be found right here...

Submission + - SPAM: Choice of 'No Confidence' on the ballot 2

An anonymous reader writes: What is the point of democracy if you are forced to choose the lesser of two evils? If you were an employer you'd re-advertise, particularly if it was an important, responsible position. There is something terribly wrong with this country. An awareness of current affairs shows we are drifting towards a boiled frog situation. It seems that those who are chosen to govern are more interested in furthering their own short-term selfish endeavours, than genuinely helping the people of today and tomorrow. But how could that be, as an advanced, developed, civilized nation, surely educated people with common sense would speak up. Maybe they have, but have they been heard and heeded? As a citizen what can you do? What do current protests achieve to change things? Violence is not the answer, though some leaders who claim to be Christian would have you believe differently. Everybody needs an accessible, peaceful, simple, united way of standing up and saying, "we want something better". As somebody who likes to solve problems, I believe a 'No Confidence' option on the ballot is a strong step in the right direction. But what if the majority chooses that? Either we find somebody better to represent us, and/or we enter into consultation to improve the system, rather than maintaining the status quo. What do you think?

Submission + - Zynga puts random stranger in customer support role (

An anonymous reader writes: A server error has meant that for the past few months, a man not associated in any way with social gaming powerhouse Zynga has been getting customer support emails. When Zynga failed to return his messages, he started replying to the customers himself. Hilariously.

Comment Don't stop Saturday, Stop Wednesday service. (Score 1) 582

I don't know about everyone else but 99.5% of my junk mail is delivered on Wednesdays. I was lucky a few years ago and convinced the postal carrier I had to use my second mailbox that was about 5 feet away from my normal one and was round for all this mail. Now on Wednesdays I get notices posted on my door from the local code inspector because of all the dang spam overflows the box and he calls it litter all over my property. I know it won't happen but it sure would be nice.

Comment Trolls according to D&D and MMOs How2 deal wit (Score 1) 227

Easiest way to get rid of a patent troll (AKA the pushing their luck legal mafia).

#1. Locate the bridge (house, office, courthouse, hobbit hole) that the troll is hiding under(in) while attempting to collect his BS tolls.
#2. Gather like minded folks from the village (internet).
#3. Lead the raid to defeat with the NAMED troll knowing full well that the loot-drops are crap however the infamy of the raid will be remembered forever.
#4. Remember after defeating NAMED troll to take screenshots and to burn the pieces... they regenerate and multiply!
#5. Hope that the next hapless troll thinking about this course of action to make money will think about chasing tow trucks and ambulances.

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