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Comment Is there a good Movie review site? (Score 1) 394

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic are both horrible. Sometimes it seems like professional critics love boring movies that are plotless and meander all over the place and end without closure. The user reviews that exceed two or three sentences tend to be more useful, but then you run the risk of spoilers. If there was a movie review site that relied solely on audience EKG readings it would be far more useful.

I've tried which seems like it should work but it still seems to miss the mark. I can't be the only one who is fed up with some of the insane reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Why isn't there a better site?

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

What is the cost of Heroin addiction? At least $200 billion? If you include financial support, health care, increased crime rate to support habit, cost of incarceration, etc. I suspect it is easily over a $1 trillion.

Looking at heroin overdose deaths over time you can see there are probably two main routes, one through Arizona and one through New Mexico. Looking it up afterwards it looks like Sinaloa is Arizona and Juarez is New Mexico? Sanctuary cities seem to function well as distribution points.

Something has to be done. We need to secure the southern border, increase efforts for drug rehabilitation, and reduce the number of sanctuary cities. The Mexican government would benefit as well. The drug cartels have too much power.

Comment Re:indian doctors like IT workers equals your deat (Score 1) 476

Cheap/low end doesn't have to mean sucky and dangerous. Look at what happened in IT. When I started, many IT guys were strong generalists, capable at a wide variety of tasks. It was not uncommon to see a single team handle design and architecture, development, testing, requirements gathering, deployment,and support. However those guys were fairly expensive and managers figured that it would be better to compartmentalize the work and hand it either to specialists for improved quality (or at least repeatable mediocrity), or to lower paid workers to handle the simpler tasks like 1st line support.

Over time the different components of a datacenter became so complex that you had to specialize. In large companies, Networking and SAN storage management require their own specialists and departments.

But, you still need high end people in those departments. Just because they are specialists, that doesn't mean they can be mediocre. The problems I have seen over time is that when one component has a problem(Storage, Networking, Server, Application), there is a lot of finger pointing. I have seen storage performance issues where the storage team claimed there was no problem with the disks and meanwhile the FA ports were running at over 90% utilization, which is bad if you were expecting good response times. I have seen countless networking problems and the networking group would claim there was no problem with the network, meanwhile it turns out that they made firewall changes that were blocking required ports. DBAs often lthink there is a disk performance issue when the real problem is a bad query and now it's doing a full table scan on a 4TB database, that never ran in 5 seconds!

All of these problems should have been noticed within minutes, but mediocrity makes it possible for these problems to last for months because someone doesn't see the obvious problem and the other teams have no visibility into that mediocre team's environment. To compensate, there need to be high end players with visibility to all of the environments so that they can point out what someone is missing. Paying for people like that seems expensive, but it's not nearly as expensive as multiple teams spending months on a database performance problem that only one team can solve, but they keep overlooking the obvious problem and nobody can call them on it.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 277

I totally agree with you!

You need to be professional and think about your career. You train to keep your skills up to date, you maintain a network of contacts in the field and work on having a good reputation. Why sabotage that work with a vengeful act that will probably hurt you more than your target. You might even feel bad about it later when you reflect upon what you did.

He was probably was young and still thinking "job" and not "career".

Comment What if your ISP is unstable... (Score 1) 34

I haven't had a stable connection for more than two weeks. If it was stable enough that a disruption would indicate a possible covert operation I could script for that, but I would get a false alert every week. I'm pretty sure my cable company isn't the only one that sucks for stability and problem determination, ....Comcast

Does this mean that third world countries have a more dependable internet service than we do?

Comment Re: Why do you dorks dislike technology so much? (Score 2) 84

I don't understand how Star Track Borg technology would benefit anyone. I'm not aware of anyone who needs giant salt and pepper shakers that glide around telling about exterminating stuff. You're the expert on Star Track, though, so maybe there's something I'm missing about the Borg.

Did you just mix up the daleks from Doctor Who with the borg from Star Trek???? And you misspelled "Star Trek" twice?

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 381

For most development projects, I would agree that going into the nitty gritty can seem like overkill. But, having a core understanding of low level programming can make a huge difference in application performance. The third book "Sorting and Searching" should be required reading for anyone who plans on getting involved with databases, even if they only plan on being a dba.

You can do a lot with high level programming languages, but if you skip assembly or C programming for at least a background on what is happening behind the scenes, it starts to feel more like alchemy than chemistry.

Comment Re:Growing backlash against online... (Score 1) 70

This is how Amazon will eventually fail.

I suspect that most of their sales are knockoffs! They say they have a process for this but you can see in the comments a lot of complaints about products being a cheap knockoff and yet the seller is still there. There are multiple articles on how a large percentage of their sales are knockoffs. If a competitor managed a way to cull the knockoff sellers from the marketplace they would crush amazon. For example, is there anyone selling real Birkenstocks on Amazon right now?

There is also a serious problem with their "Customer Reviews". Do a search on Amazon and Xfinity. It's hilarious!

Comment Re:Dey tek er jebs! (Score 1) 332

It's amazing how much tech folk can sound like auto workers in the 80's bitching about Americans buying foreign cars. The only thing lamentable about the H1-B visa is how it turns foreign-born employees into virtual slaves of whoever their sponsoring employer is. Every other complaint is just a variation on "I shouldn't have to be price competitive because I was born in America".

I think they would have done a lot more than bitch about it if you brought in some h-1b workers to replace them and then told them they had to train them before they left. There might be some bloodshed.

The senior management doesn't make the company great, it's the employees who make it great. When someone trains hard and works hard and helps create something great, you don't screw them over by replacing them with someone who doesn't know what they are doing so that you can get a big fat bonus then leave the company before they realize the company is now brain dead.

Comment Re:Form Factor not "Format" (Score 2) 202

SSDs have been in data centers for years now. They are more reliable than hdd. That wasn't always true, but it is now. You don't use them for "low write/high-bandwidth", you use them for high iops/random access like database indexes, or the entire database if you can cost justify it. I have never seen a linux server lockup when copying files to/from and we have thousands of linux servers, you might need to tune something if that is happening. We have multi-tiered storage with 7200/10000/flash drives. The downsides to ssd are cost/data density, otherwise hdd would be dead, the noise/power/heat/performance difference is huge.

Virtualization is awesome! Servers have been increasing in performance every year while server applications resource usage grows at a slower rate. It's ridiculous to buy a server for a webserver application and another for network filesystems and printers etc. You also have to manage heat dissipation and worry about power/network/fc cables to a bazillion servers. With virtualization you can downsize your server farm(and the network/power/fc cables) 20X+ and save on hardware/cooling/power/management. If a virtual server needs more resources you can vmotion it to another server with more available resources, you can even have the process automated. With san storage you can carve out servers anytime you want. It used to suck when a server died because of hardware failure and you were down until it was fixed. Now you can bring it up in another frame!

Comment Re: Michigan..... (Score 1) 393

Amazing how you have that weather there when we have to go back more than a century ago to get colder temperatures in the New England states. Dangerously cold weather so bad that people freeze to death. Windnchills more than -30 below 0 fehrenheit. Maybe I can believe in global warming when it stopped snowing in northern Florida of all places

It's "Global Climate Change", not "New England Weather Gets Warmer Every Single Day". It's not as if the daily temperature is based solely on how much sunlight we are getting. There are "Cold Fronts"/"Warm Fronts"/"Nor'Easters"/"Gulf Stream(thermohaline circulation)"/"El Nino/La Nina"/"Jet Stream"/etc, some places will be warmer and some will be cooler, but the average is warmer. One person running around his yard with a thermometer is not going to disprove/prove "Global Climate Change".

This past winter has been very mild for New England. You had to wait until a couple of weeks ago to complain about cold weather. The first 10 days of December averaged 50 degrees high temperature, and today it's supposed to reach 54, otoh yesterday was freaking cold!. If you've been here long enough you would know that this past winter was very mild. Again, this past winter in New England is not a direct relation to "Global Climate Change", that was probably one of many factors like "El Nino". You would have to look at the entire planet to understand the impact. To make a judgement based on one or two regions is as ridiculous as trying to extract a model of the entire universe by studying it's effect on a piece of fairy cake.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

What happens in Europe is that they start making the streets in such a way that they are automatically so that you drive a lower speed. Especially in neighbourhoods where people live.

A lot of curves in the streets by placing objects in the streets., making the road more curvy and what not.

That means that the average speed will go down a lot. They just change the natural flow of traffic. and people adapt to that. Downside is that is is more expensive than placing some traffic signs and you can not generate extra income from tickets.

They tried doing that in Boston, but it didn't seem to help.

Comment Re:Paper (Score 3, Informative) 133

To expand on Junta's comment; drm free, no internet connection required, no subscription fees, no electricity required, easier to search, easy to use "hands off", can be a tactile experience, easier to read in daylight, and easy marginalia..

No DRM, but you can't legally copy any portion of a paper book without permission. You only need the internet connection to download the book, not to read it. You don't need a subscription fee for an ebook. You only need electricity to charge a kindle and then it's good for over a month depending on usage. It's just as easy to use hands off, maybe easier, I don't have to worry about it flipping close and finding my place again. Ebooks are much easier to search than a paper book. It doesn't even have to be in the index, I can digitally search for any word or words throughout the book, or even library. E-ink is just as easy to read in daylight as a regular paper book.

Advantages of ebooks?

I can carry a library of tech manuals with me in my pocket. If they get lost, destroyed or stolen I can replace my books for free(I might have to pay the price for the new kindle, but some of my books cost more than a kindle, plus I have multiple kindle devices and a smartphone.) They don't fill an entire room of bookshelves. They don't get moldy. I can buy a new book any day or night and have it in my hands in minutes and it will be cheaper than a new hardcopy version of the book.

One advantage of the paperbooks is that you can get a used copy that is cheaper than the ebook copy. I have done this from Amazon, it's amazing what you can find and have sent to your house for cheap.

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