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Comment Seems like good business sense. (Score 1) 166

Higher income households are more likely to use a gigabit connection. Given the choice they will more likely choose the $70 gigabit over the $30-$40 DSL.

They are more likely to have tvs that can support 4k streaming. They probably have more devices that are accessing the internet at the same time(smartphones, tablets, and multiple pcs/laptops). They are also more likely to be telecommuting.

They are also less likely to intentionally share their wifi with multiple neighbors and friends.

Comment Laser 128 (Score 1) 857

I believe it was an Apple IIe clone. It ran most everything that an Apple IIe could run. It seemed very high tech compared to the TRS-80(cassette player) I used in high school. It had a lot more memory and a 5.25 diskette drive.

Later on I bought and installed a rocket chip, which made it seem even more high tech running at 10MHz!

Comment Re: Find something ever one needs... (Score 2) 117

I used to have the same problem. My wife noticed that I have sleep apnea and that I sometimes woke up because of it. You don't realize that you woke up because you stopped breathing, but you do notice that you have to pee.

Before doing a sleep study, I decided to try one of the mandibular device solutions and it worked great! No snoring and I can sleep through the night, without waking up multiple times to "pee". If it didn't work I was going to give in and do the "sleep study" and possibly go with a cpap solution.

Comment Re:I liked the dot-band technology (Score 1) 174

These were my first as well. We used them for regular greenbar printing, letters, envelopes, carbon forms, labels, junk mail. For non-greenbar forms we usually had to hack something together in the back to make the output stack evenly, otherwise it might backup inside and jam the printer. I still have my metal byte ruler from those days.

It was great for letters since the output looked like it came from a typewriter.

Comment Re:okay... (Score 1) 360

Noisy teenagers giggling and talking and/or playing with their smartphones. It's also annoying when they slouch down and use the back of your chair as a footrest. Which is why I now only go to the movie theatres that have the larger reclining seats.

My wife and I went to see "Don't Breathe" in the theatre. It kills the effect when people decide they have to talk through the quieter scenes.

There is also a relatively new problem where some people decide it's okay to use their vape pen throughout the movie. They usually try to hide the output but you can still smell the strong odor of pot in the air.

I just upgraded my stereo system, it's getting more and more easier to replicate the theater environment at home. I just need a 90" screen and I'll be all set!

Comment Is there a good Movie review site? (Score 1) 395

Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic are both horrible. Sometimes it seems like professional critics love boring movies that are plotless and meander all over the place and end without closure. The user reviews that exceed two or three sentences tend to be more useful, but then you run the risk of spoilers. If there was a movie review site that relied solely on audience EKG readings it would be far more useful.

I've tried http://movielens.org/ which seems like it should work but it still seems to miss the mark. I can't be the only one who is fed up with some of the insane reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Why isn't there a better site?

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

What is the cost of Heroin addiction? At least $200 billion? If you include financial support, health care, increased crime rate to support habit, cost of incarceration, etc. I suspect it is easily over a $1 trillion.

Looking at heroin overdose deaths over time you can see there are probably two main routes, one through Arizona and one through New Mexico. Looking it up afterwards it looks like Sinaloa is Arizona and Juarez is New Mexico? Sanctuary cities seem to function well as distribution points.

Something has to be done. We need to secure the southern border, increase efforts for drug rehabilitation, and reduce the number of sanctuary cities. The Mexican government would benefit as well. The drug cartels have too much power.

Comment Re:indian doctors like IT workers equals your deat (Score 1) 476

Cheap/low end doesn't have to mean sucky and dangerous. Look at what happened in IT. When I started, many IT guys were strong generalists, capable at a wide variety of tasks. It was not uncommon to see a single team handle design and architecture, development, testing, requirements gathering, deployment,and support. However those guys were fairly expensive and managers figured that it would be better to compartmentalize the work and hand it either to specialists for improved quality (or at least repeatable mediocrity), or to lower paid workers to handle the simpler tasks like 1st line support.

Over time the different components of a datacenter became so complex that you had to specialize. In large companies, Networking and SAN storage management require their own specialists and departments.

But, you still need high end people in those departments. Just because they are specialists, that doesn't mean they can be mediocre. The problems I have seen over time is that when one component has a problem(Storage, Networking, Server, Application), there is a lot of finger pointing. I have seen storage performance issues where the storage team claimed there was no problem with the disks and meanwhile the FA ports were running at over 90% utilization, which is bad if you were expecting good response times. I have seen countless networking problems and the networking group would claim there was no problem with the network, meanwhile it turns out that they made firewall changes that were blocking required ports. DBAs often lthink there is a disk performance issue when the real problem is a bad query and now it's doing a full table scan on a 4TB database, that never ran in 5 seconds!

All of these problems should have been noticed within minutes, but mediocrity makes it possible for these problems to last for months because someone doesn't see the obvious problem and the other teams have no visibility into that mediocre team's environment. To compensate, there need to be high end players with visibility to all of the environments so that they can point out what someone is missing. Paying for people like that seems expensive, but it's not nearly as expensive as multiple teams spending months on a database performance problem that only one team can solve, but they keep overlooking the obvious problem and nobody can call them on it.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 277

I totally agree with you!

You need to be professional and think about your career. You train to keep your skills up to date, you maintain a network of contacts in the field and work on having a good reputation. Why sabotage that work with a vengeful act that will probably hurt you more than your target. You might even feel bad about it later when you reflect upon what you did.

He was probably was young and still thinking "job" and not "career".

Comment What if your ISP is unstable... (Score 1) 34

I haven't had a stable connection for more than two weeks. If it was stable enough that a disruption would indicate a possible covert operation I could script for that, but I would get a false alert every week. I'm pretty sure my cable company isn't the only one that sucks for stability and problem determination, ....Comcast

Does this mean that third world countries have a more dependable internet service than we do?

Comment Re: Why do you dorks dislike technology so much? (Score 2) 84

I don't understand how Star Track Borg technology would benefit anyone. I'm not aware of anyone who needs giant salt and pepper shakers that glide around telling about exterminating stuff. You're the expert on Star Track, though, so maybe there's something I'm missing about the Borg.

Did you just mix up the daleks from Doctor Who with the borg from Star Trek???? And you misspelled "Star Trek" twice?

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