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Comment Re:Ugh (Score -1) 191

I used to be a big Linux fan, way back in the day, before rabid fans would jump in and ruin any topic with their ridiculous statements. I still run a mixture of stuff, but increasingly it's becoming all windows just in an effort to steer clear of the kids that think they know everything once they figure out how to mount an iso. It seems more and more people are bailing, (ssh, ntp, etc)

Comment There is no other life, (Score -1, Interesting) 275

Stop making believe there is. Absolutely every indication we have ever considered shows us that we are all there is. At the very least, it seems the universe has carefully constructed us to be causally disconnected We should act more practically and stop with elon musk fantasies. There is real science and theology to be explored. Wasting time on space Nutter stuff is stupid,

Comment Re:Why?? (Score -1) 106

Almost every aspect of your objection is suspect. There is no assertion of entitlement, and dictating to nature smacks of a climate Nutter right off the bat. The term "preservation of nature" is a bit of a contradiction and any casual observer of nature over eon's suggest that nature is not only chaotic and arbitrary, but also rather crueler than chance might allow. Any ethical person would be compelled to act under the circumstances, even a wrong decision would be preferable to sitting idle and blaming fate. Nature has spent a lot of time developing humans and is probably counting on our help.

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