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Comment Really bad odds (Score 1) 323

The attempt to harm government equipment is stupid on many levels, but right out of the gate it's stupid because the odds are extremely low of your phone even being looked at. I've never had the border agents even ask to see my computer, much less my phone. The odds are very slim they ever will so you'd be going to a lot of trouble just for nothing to happen.

Comment Piracy Reasons (Score 2, Insightful) 153

When I was a kid I also pirated a lot (in my case all software though, not movies or music), up through college. Then I stopped...

It wasn't because I saw more value in work though. It was because I HAD more money. To me when I had no money pirating was obviously not stealing to me because there was no possibility to give them money anyway, so there was no loss.

When I had enough money to pay for things, I did because then it would have been stealing had I not. I have not pirated anything in a decade or more now...

Comment Results seem suspect (Score 4, Insightful) 153

If you asked most non-technical people if they were using a "streaming site" to watch video, it seems like it would be hard to phrase a question in a way that would properly separate legal from non-legal use... how many would include something like Netflix? Of you said you hand't paid for it, how would they really know if website they used was legal or not? If you ask about specific pirate sites then you might get more accurate results.

Comment Re:Opposite Day (Score 0, Flamebait) 201

The fashionable panic is because the only thing he's almost keeping is the promise to ban muslims from entering the country.

Kind of odd considering all Trump is doing is reviving an Obama travel ban - all of the countries Trump had on the ban list were defined under Obama. And the list doesn't include any of the largest Muslim Majority countries, so it's rather weak to call it a Muslim ban rather than Islamic Extremist ban (which it was and is and will be).

Right, but there's ways to do that which will benefit his ilk without benefiting the small or even medium business.

Are you even being serious? You at the very least aren't being intelligent. What he has said, what the house has said, all we know for sure is the corporate tax rates are coming down. That affects small and medium sized businesses the MOST because we cannot afford a giant team of lawyers to find us tax breaks. many of the large corporations are noted for how little tax they pay; I will say MY effective tax rate percentage-wise is way higher than any large company I know of.

No, he is certainly not the average politician. He is much, much better

FTFY since your wording had no basis in reality for most Americans.

I'll let you have the last word since I can't spend all day teaching you the simplest basis of American taxes for business. Proceed further to cement your ignorance for history if you wish.

Comment EOL (Score 1) 118

sitting on evidence that the Trump campaign was in bed with the Russians

Ahh, Russians - the modern Goodwin law comes into effect.

It's funny you liberal simpletons have such a problem with Trump communicating with Russians - do you even understand how diplomacy is done? It involves talking to foreign governments.... DUH.

Couldn't find our message complaining about Obama telling Putin he would have more flexibility after the election... No "Red" flags there (har har!), no sir!

I'll let you have the last word since you conspiracy nuts cannot help but dig a deeper hole.

Comment Sanders, soon all Democrats, disagrees (Score 1) 201

The unemployment rate has been on a steady decline for the last 6 years.

That Fake News was form when they were trying to get Obama and Hillary elected. What has been dropping is the number of unemployed looking for jobs, once they gave up and stopped looking they no longer add to the unemployment rate...

Most people know better, including Sanders...

If the REAL unemployment rate were actually dropping, Trump would not have been elected.

The "good" news is that now with a Republican in power the media will start reporting the real unemployment rate, which we will start to see dropping in about a year (once all the people who had stopped looking start again causing a momentary rise in the unemployment rate).

Comment Opposite Day (Score 1, Troll) 201

Because Trump is breaking campaign promises as rapidly as he can.

That's funny; I thought all of the fashionable panic was because he was keeping most of them.

But even the most negative outlook on promises kept has to acknowledge a drop in the corporate tax rate is coming (remember, the subject at hand? Do keep up). Trump has said one is coming shortly. The house has announced they are drafting a plan. Trump right after the election noted he was going to reduce corporate tax rates as part of the 100 day plan - and at that point you are not talking about a dubious campaign promise, but something he takes a risk announcing ahead of time if he does not deliver.

Lastly you confuse Trump for the average politician, which he is obviously not... a commiserate rise in meeting promises compared to professional politicians is therefore not unexpected.

Comment Had to be said (Score 2) 201

Didn't see a post on it yet, but yet another Trump job creation victory! Seems like we'll be hearing a lot more like this in the coming four years.

I wonder what Trumps re-election prospects will be given a dramatic rise in jobs and economic growth is pretty much assured at this point, due to the administration before holding the economy down for so long... the geologic concept of elastic rebound applies here I think.

Comment It defies nothing, certainly drives behavior (Score 1, Informative) 201

Even if it were true, it defies all economic sense that 4 weeks of protectionist policy changes (most of which haven't even been implemented yet) were the cause of a salary rise.

You don't really understand how businesses work, do you?

After Trump was elected and laid out plans, businesses can reasonably know that the corporate tax rate will go down - not the precise amount, but at least a 10% drop - that is a lot of money for even small businesses.

They know that is true across to board in America. So that means businesses simps will have more cash to spend.

Given that most companies will be able to spend more, why would you not plan for the future right now? Why would you not hire more now, or give a better salary raise in order to stave off good employees being poached by coming inevitable hiring surges?

As a concrete example, I have my own small consulting business. As a result of anticipated tax reductions, I knew I would have more money this year so at the end of last year I increased charitable contributions.

The details of actual policies do not matter nearly so much as the certainly in broad strokes that something will happen to improve the outlooks for a business.

Comment Re:Just waking up are you? (Score 1) 118

Err no, the recession ended in 2009.

Err, no;it did not really end in 2009.

If the recession had really ended Trump would not have won. Trump won because he was willing to call out everyone on bullshit, including the absolute mountain of bullshit that is the claim the recession "ended" in 2009...

Either way, anyone worth a shit in this industry banks on a dip cycle ever 4-5 years and 3-6 months of unemployment every 8-10 years, and plans accordingly.

You should really have funds for a year off at all times, but I agree that everyone should be ready for cycles... so save up during the next eight years of prosperity.

Comment Just waking up are you? (Score 1) 118

We're overdue for a recession.

Incorrect - we've been HAVING the recession for years. We are now entering an expansion phase. Everyone else knows this (especially the markets), why do you not understand this?

When the tax rate drops hit you are going to see an unprecedented growth spree from businesses that have been choking on the U.S. largest corporate tax rate for the last decade or so.

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