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Comment Re:Harm (Score 1) 93

Kind of funny, our company is on the cutting edge actually, but in fluorescents, not LEDs, which are terrible for producing what we would consider high output of UVB or UVA. There is a huge difference between 320nm and 399nm, yet both are "UVA". 320nm has a lot more energy, and as you up in frequency (down in nm), it forms a Bell curve and gets exponentially more damaging. It also goes down in penetration, which is why you can get a quick flash burn from UVC (100nm-280nm) that doesn't penetrate more than a few layers of skin, but it is very damaging to those layers. And of course, the real kicker is how much you are getting.

And the reason it has that warning on it is simple: anything with any measurable amount of UVA must have that warning by law. The FDA regulates this (CFR 1040.20 for sunlamps, for example). I'm used to seeing them regularly for inspections. For some reason, general lighting fluorescents are excepted from this warning, even though they do produce a measurable amount of UVA.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 334

For me it will always be associated with The General Lee.

Oh, I almost forgot about the Dukes of Hazard car....

Well, it likely won't be long, before a new generation of kids grow up, wanting to piss off their parents, and start wearing t-shirts and such of the rebel battle flag and it will be back popular again and not derided as it has so recently become.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 2) 334

Don't forget that the Clinton's belong to a "whites only" country club for years and that Bill Clinton loves the Confederate flag. He even used it as part of his campaign logo for governor I believe.

Well, to be fair, it is mostly people up north that get their panties all in a wad over the confederate battle flag.

Most folks in the south don't think it is the horrible symbol of racial bigotry, is just a symbol of the south.

Hell, I associate it with going to Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts (their backdrop) and on bumper stickers here mostly, not as something against black, but something that is for the south for southern pride.

It's only been in the past 3 -4 years that it has even been raised as an issue and it is mostly by folks up north it seems. No one here really sees it as a problem or anything as horrible as people here recently have been trying to make it...

I do sometimes long for the days before political correctness took the fun out of anything, and tries to demonize just about anything it can....

Comment Re:Good to hear it's brilliant! (Score 2) 55

And yet you're surprisingly eager to share this detail of your life with anyone who bothers surfing on Slashdot. This always amuses me about those people proud to not be on a social network often because they don't want to put up with or don't understand why others would share mundane things insist on sharing these details.

Actually, my primary objection to social media, especially FB, is the abhorrent privacy issues involved with those sites. If nothing else, I'd rather just not feed their data collection engine voluntarily with my private data points.

I can actually see where it would be fun and useful in some circumstances, ESPECIALLY if you are running a business, but to me the tradeoff is not worth it.

I'd actually think about joining FB if I could get a business site ONLY...and not have to also have a personal account first....

Comment Re:Harm (Score 3, Informative) 93

385nm is invisible to almost all humans, being on the long-ish wavelength of UV, and I wouldn't really say it was very damaging. Everyone likes to jump on the bandwagon like they actually know something about UV when in fact they don't. I've worked with it over 25 years, still do. Out of the millions of products sold, I've never had an injury reported. People do get hurt with UV, but that is exceedingly rare and usually because they didn't follow directions or did something really stupid.

Inside fiber, it is pretty harmless. Most plastics block it (excepting OP4 acrylic), the vast majority of paints absorb it and won't reflect it. It has a smaller wavelength, thus more waves per centimeter, ie: more data. I'm not saying their plan is good or bad, but blanket calling UV dangerous and not workable is ignorant.

Comment Re:My decision to not get thes 'free' crap... (Score 1) 370


Any, or all, of those seem to be safe to use. Try one, or try them all. They mostly duplicate each other's measures, but they aren't quite all the same, either.

Comment Re:Until apple gets all peace warrior (Score 1) 251

Meh. They could sell what, a couple thousand phones to SOC? 10k maybe? That's what, an hour of retail?

This isn't the 50's.

If this goes DoD wide as the standard, well, they employ approx 3.1 Million people which I would think would be a significant amount of phones to be sold to the govt. As another person mentioned to you on this thread, that often also includes support ,etc which proves to be even more lucrative.

If you can get a DoD contract, it can often prove to be VERY valuable. Ask Lockheed Martin, or Oracle or MS, or.....etc.

Comment Re:Until apple gets all peace warrior (Score 2) 251

I can totally see Apple making a big stink about using Apple products in wartime missions.

I kinda bet Apple will see $$$$ signs much more than they will see peace signs....

A DoD contract would mean a LOT of money to Apple, and after all, they are a company who's business is to make money.

Comment Re:Racism or availability? (Score 2) 200

Yeah, that happens. It is about cultural fit. I have friends who I see complain on facebook about being the only black or person of color. About being lonely, etc. because they are not directly fitting in or that the people at work are less chatty.

Well, at least he doesn't have to be nervous on the elevators, nor worry about getting mugged there....and likely not many folks there playing the knock-out game either to worry about.

I guess there are trade-offs for everything in life, eh?

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