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Comment Better than most (Score 1) 1

This is still better than most other auto manufacturers.

If you look on alibaba and ebay, you can actually find remote cloners for as little as 5 dollars that work on most cars.
Just capture the command when someone presses the key on their remote, and you have full access to their cars central locking.

These central locking remotes have long been known to be super insecure.

Comment Re:No Wonder (Score 2) 180

...5 GHz, which has better range and performance (yes, I know 2.4 has better signal range, but the higher interference leads to a higher usable range in 5GHz in many real-world applications.

No it doesn't. 5GHz has trouble going through simple walls, it's almost line of sight only.

Do a site survey and you'll learn this pretty quick.

Comment This is a moot point (Score 1) 566

In the next 5-10 years, no one is going to have landline internet to their homes anymore.

Mobile data will do to the ethernet jack what cellphones did to the home phone line.

There is no point in redesigning the ethernet jack because in 15 years, no one will be using them anymore. (Shy of in server rooms and data centres, but even then, size won't be the driving force.)

Comment From personal experience... (Score 4, Interesting) 174

I can say that I've noticed this desire in myself, although never acted on it... But in games where I know I have a skill advantage, and have won before, the temptation to cheat, as a short cut measure, becomes strong. The mentality is one of "well, I know I'm capable of getting to that point, so is it really cheating if I just skip to that part?" Yes, yes it is. And I have to remind myself of that each. freaking. time.

I thought It was just me, but it turns out to be human nature I guess?

Comment Umm... (Score 1) 706

"Toronto police are reporting that 2 unconfirmed suicides have been linked to the data breach."

The suicides are unconfirmed or the links are unconfirmed? Because last I checked it's not to fucking difficult to tell if someone is alive or dead.

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