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Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 917

First off, the resources on earth that have been utilized are trivial. Second, most non energy resources are recyclable. Third, energy resources in the not distant future will dwarf what we can utilize. Fourth, the Universe is unimaginably large and full of stuff - same is operationally true if you just limit yourself to this solar system.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 2) 917

You clearly don't understand the basic premise: With increasingly capable automation, there is the potential for unlimited production capacity, totally unconstrained by labor availability (and no, there is no real raw materials constraint).

At that time, one's personal productivity becomes unrelated to one's economic well being. So we will then have a choice between a production controlling class ( the 0.01%) having everything, with no-one with the means to constitute a market, or we can find a way to provide consumption capacity to the 99.99% of humanity.

UBI is one possible solution.

And please, don't go all Puritan work ethic on me. The truth is that the lifestyle is basically identical to an idyllic retirement, just without the 40 years of angst. And no-one shames retirees for not working if the don't want to.

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