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Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 1) 483

Universities have never been more than a bottom-line for-profit business that uses cult-like recruiting tactics and has absolutely no shame or loyalty to anything or anyone but themselves.

I hope this is becoming a bit clearer to everyone now, as in the past I've been ridiculed for blasting universities as money-driven cults.

They provide very little value in the modern world and should be used sparingly.

Mod parent anon coward down.

Dude, I am a professional engineer. It is a requirement to have an engineering degree. I believe doctors, accountants, business men like Trump Inc, even lawyers, are useful. And I am biased to thinking engineers are useful.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 1) 231

...plan of the oligarchy for quite a while - ... Donald Trump 2016...

"Oligarchy ... term as a synonym for rule by the rich..."

Both parties are not so secretly controlled by the super rich interests. Maybe Bernie Sanders might actually have a chance to change the system. Make the 1% start to actually trickle back down prosperity to the average voter.

I have moderator points, and was going to add +funny to your comment. But really to use the description oligarchy in a negative connotation. Then actually support the richest guy. This (execthis) is clearly the /. username for Karl Rove!

Comment The Bomb (Score -1, Troll) 136

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,
After a heated discussion in Foxnews with the Donald, the ambassador informs President Linus that the Soviet Union has created a windows device, which consists of many buried bombs jacketed with "Linus-System-G"

Submission + - AMAZING NEW VIDEO!!! MUST SEE (

An anonymous reader writes: These guys are the next biggest stars. Check them out w/ their new video on Youtube

Comment Future Information Wars (Score 1) 123

Do a search someday on " Information Wars 2025, Air Force". The information is not always for machines. Our soldiers will have protection from nervous system interference. While the 'terrorists' will hear, feel, and see, etc what ever we project onto them. Ever notice how the Slashdot war helmet resembles the tin-foil hat?

Comment Re:How did they calculate exactly $31 million? (Score 1) 326

They skipped IP V5, so why not skip V6? IP V7, although alpha is more likely to be adapted than IP V3, or V5. Skipping generations seems the historical precedence. Probably the military had an IP V5, and V3 for internal use that was very secure, and DARPA funds less secure information for us.

Comment Orange book... (Score 3, Informative) 34

Orange book:

You are are a single communication construct. No one outside the circle of trust has any idea what is communicated.

You are in a network (circle) of trust. moving data to each other is logged, and allowed/censored.

A typical LAN with verifiable security.

The internet, a net work of networks. Data can 'vanish', as a function of time/money spent on keeping the data stored.

Read the data security handbook summarized:

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