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Journal NCalGal's Journal: Best Mother's Day ever, topped with a poem 2

I had the most amazing Mother's Day of all.
Started with my teen sons telling me to stay in bed (which was hard for me since I typically get up at 6am, even on weekends). Came in an amazin homemade breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, eggs, bacon, apples and peach/orange juice. Followed by gifts. Starting with a homemade envelope with six different colored bows with the most amazing poem.

JohnDii, tell me what you think...


My Mom is so great she's been through alot
The good and the bad and really mean thoughts
But what I've noticed through it all
Is her glistening smile she always has on

It shines like the light
Bright in my eyes
And sometimes it even makes me cry

I love you Mom
And your bright smile too
And I just have to say
Mommy I really do love you


Then they gave me an IPOD w/ songs. We then went for an hour hike with our 2 dogs(we left the cat behind). Then went to a movie followed by a dinner out. What more could a mother ask for, than for her 2 teen sons to actually want and plan for a day with thier Mum!

Now for those wondering about having kids... think about this day, makes all the work sooooooo worth it!
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Best Mother's Day ever, topped with a poem

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