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Submission + - exposes buyers' real name, sexy purchases ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: is transitioning from craft-focused e-commerce to "social commerce." What does that mean? Privacy violations, apparently. Etsy has retroactively published the real names and purchase history of their buyers, complete with search. Users have not been notified of the change outside a help forum post. But Etsy users are fighting mad and sellers are demanding answers.

Should users need to explain to admins why selling sex toys might be incompatible with opt-out transparency and real names?


Submission + - The CPU redefined: AMD Torrenze and Intel CSI

janp writes: "In the near future the Central Processing Unit (CPU) will not be as central anymore. AMD has announced the Torrenza platform that revives the concept op co-processors. Intel is also taking steps in this direction with the announcement of the CSI. With these technologies in the future we can put special chips (GPU's, APU's, etc. etc.) directly on the motherboard in a special socket. Hardware.Info has published a clear introduction to AMD Torrenza and Intel CSI and sneak peaks into the future of processors."

Submission + - Best community-blogging software?

Anonymous Coward writes: "I've recently moved overseas and it's come to my attention that my friends and I are horrible about staying in touch. I've decided I'd like to set up some kind of community/multi-user blog since I have some spare space and bandwidth on my current host. I first wanted to try a customized LiveJournal install, as it has the ease-of-use and default community aspects that would make it ideal, but sadly that only works on a dedicated host, which I don't have. Basically I just want to clone the Friends page or Community page that LiveJournal has: a simple, clean interface that shows X number of the most recent posts at full length plus an avatar for the user who posted them, with easy posting capabilities. It seems like there should be something out there which would accomplish this, yet my searches have come up nil. Aside from having to heavily modify an existing program or creating one myself, is there a solution available for my needs? Thanks."

Submission + - Send your dreams to yourself in the future

oplala writes: "Dreaminder is a website that enables people to write down their dreams — and send them to themselves in the future. On the date they specify, they will receive their dream in their inbox. At that point, they have the opportunity to compare the life they live with their dreams and see how far they've come.

Main idea behind Dreaminder is to offer a place for reflection, help people figure out what they want to do with their lives and remind them of their dreams. You can also read what other people are dreaming about."
United States

Submission + - Government gaffe helps NSA Wiretapping Case

titotitozzz writes: "Ryan Singel at Wired reports: It could be a scene from Kafka or Brazil. Imagine a government agency, in a bureaucratic foul-up, accidentally gives you a copy of a document marked top secret. And it contains a log of some of your private phone calls. You read it and ponder it and wonder what it all means. Then, two months later, the FBI shows up at your door, demands the document back and orders you to forget you ever saw it.

The case has been added to the EFF's wiretapping suit against AT&T. It may circumvent the government's present circular argument that the current plaintiffs have no documentation which proves that they are being surveilled and that the government doesn't have to provide said documentation because it would be considered a 'state secret' (and therefore inadmissible in court)."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Is it hard to bold or note new comments in a thread? 3

I remember how some forums used to show posts and replies in a threaded Usenet-style. Only the title was visible until clicked on and unread ones could be in bold.

I can't remember any recent forums letting me easily see which replies are new since the last time I viewed the page. I find it hard to believe people wouldn't like this feature. I'd like to see which are the new comments on multiply, slashdot, fark, and so on.

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