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Journal NeMon'ess's Journal: Is it hard to bold or note new comments in a thread? 3

I remember how some forums used to show posts and replies in a threaded Usenet-style. Only the title was visible until clicked on and unread ones could be in bold.

I can't remember any recent forums letting me easily see which replies are new since the last time I viewed the page. I find it hard to believe people wouldn't like this feature. I'd like to see which are the new comments on multiply, slashdot, fark, and so on.

So why doesn't this exist? It doesn't have to add work to the server. The server doesn't have to keep track of when a page was asked for. The client can do that, say for the last seven days (changeable), and bold the title of new posts.

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Is it hard to bold or note new comments in a thread?

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  • Invision Power Board [invisionboard.com] has that feature that I know of (and it works a treat, too.) As to whether it's client or server-side, I couldn't tell you, I'm just a user.
    • Thanks, that's good to know. If a topic has several pages of comments and the last two pages are new for the user, will it look like [1][2][3][4][5] so the user knows which page to start from for the new comments?
      • No, what it does have is a link on the main forum page that says 'My Assistant', which, when you click it, pops up a little popup window. Among other things offered therein (such as 'Today's active topics', 'Today's top 10 posters', 'Overall top 10 posters', 'My last 10 posts'), theres also a message above that says: 'There are 6 new posts. ( View ) None of these posts are replies to topics you started.' (or similar).

        When you click on 'View' the main page (not the popup page) displays a summary of threa

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