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Comment Re:Wacky? Maybe, but at least he's got vision. (Score 2) 289

While Musk specifically probably is a poor pick given his domain expertise. I would argue that a Musk type might make more sense that you'd think. Musk is a visionary with means. He courageously dreams up outrageously difficult goals and has an unusually long reach that sees him accomplish far more than most ever could. If you only reached for that which you can confidently achieve on time and on budget you'd never amount to much. The POTUS should be that kind of visionary, one that can see us accomplish more than confident mediocrity.

Comment Re:Why do you speak on behalf of the rest of socie (Score 1) 272

You don't get it. These jokers can only spy on us because they've purchased or discovered vulnerabilities in the systems we use. Instead of going all noble, protect the American citizen--their job--and notified the appropriate parties of these vulnerabilities they keep them for themselves to exploit wherever possible. An argument might be formulated in their defense if this was a one-sided deal. But, it's not, if they can discover/purchase these vulnerabilities so can others. If they can exploit them, so can others.

The more these types of agencies can have their curtains drawn back to expose their shenanigans the better. Its time to change the culture away from thinking the world is a grand RTS game with zero real world consequences. For the former generations I have a simple suggestion: "video games." It's time to give a sh*t about the people you're hurting. If you need to play your "Cloak and Dagger," "Master and Commander," "The Spy that Shagged Me" bullsh*t go buy yourself a console.

Comment Re:Less Hype Needed, Highly Speculative (Score 1) 240

Experimental results that do not match predictions is in and of itself interesting. This is particularly true when the subject is basic physics. That said, someone really should have checked Beau's resume a bit closer for geek cred. This guy is so easily drug about like a common Facebook sheeple.

Comment Re:Not understanding the issue (Score 1) 195

Are you going to be concerned when I tell you that Wal-Mart et al. are collection points of toilet paper purchases matched to your payment card? That Walgreens knows you just bought an anti-diarrhea medication and your prescription for Viagra has two more refills left after your July purchase?

Comment Re:Not understanding the issue (Score 0) 195

Perhaps I'm from the wrong generation, but, who cares. It's like taking a crap. Everyone does it, everyone knows the other person does it. If they recorded and posted live usage data including precise GPS, then there might be more cause for concern. What they have is, user x likes vanilla and eats it right away, user y likes chocolate and takes their time. Regardless, the collection of data is almost certainly in the EULA.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to "location not found"? (Score 1) 175

Your answer seems to be in conflict with your credentials. The provider of data should not be the interpreter of information. You state the facts as you know them and your confidence in those facts. If the best they can do is "the United States" then the logical reply is of course "the center of the US" with a radius of inclusion being the maximum distance reaching out from the center that could be included. What is done with that data is the responsibility of the interpreter and communicator of information derived from that data.

Comment Re:Can't turn, can't climb, can't run (Score 1) 343

I was under the impression that the F-35 wasn't going to scrape the tree tops like the A-10. Rather it provided CAS from higher/farther by utilizing it's superior sensor suite and munitions.

Most of the criticism seems to be coming from armchair trolls and A-10 fans that aren't able to accept/grasp how the technology will bridge the gap. There hasn't been objective, real-world data provided on its CAS abilities yet. Should be coming soon now that they've been moved to "ready for combat" status.

Comment Re:Ready to (Score 1) 280

That's interesting given that they've ceased production and discarded much of the tooling (more?) required to manufacture the F-22. Hope the slightly less than 200 they built last them. Not much of a deterrent in my mind if you cannot replenish the supply. Counter the force multiplier coefficient with a few more "inferior" kit and eliminate them. Then you're back to a more level playing field.

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