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Submission + - CSS considered irritating (

MythMoth writes: "I admire the aspirations of Cascading Style Sheets, but was it really meant to be so difficult? Are the deficiencies down to poor design, faulty implementations, my tiny brain, or wrong-headed expectations? Why are there so many fiendishly complex and ingenious workarounds for simple styling effects when they could and should be incorporated into the standard. GeekLondon raises a top-ten hit list of CSS nastiness and dons his asbestos trousers.

Disclosure: GeekLondon is MythMoth"


Submission + - Should developers fix Microsoft's past mistakes?

MythMoth writes: "We've heard all about the pain and discomfort of working with Windows' User Account Control (UAC) switched on, but now Ian Griffiths is explaining that the developers are the problem — they brought it on themselves.

In earlier articles we have heard that Microsoft think that everyone should do it like this — Ian does acknowledge that things are better in the Unix world, but is he right? Is the onus now on the developers to help fix a problem that they did not cause?

Should Microsoft maybe use the dialog that Ian proposes to push the point home?"

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