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Submission + - 2,5 million euros to burn Linux ISO image wrongly

Mystra_x64 writes: Have you ever burnt a CD? It is rocket science in Russia apparently. At least for IBS(ru) Company. The said company is also Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, woops!

Copypastaed with author's permission:

Last years there were some good movements in Russia towards Free Software, and there is a some plan to throw some proprietary software components to trash for year 2010 in favor of Free Software ones (mostly due for costs, not ideas).

As a part of such movements, and by the government contract, ALT Linux Company, the Russia-originated and Russia-oriented Linux distributor prepared 3 CD medias for 57 thousands of Russian schools. Mentioned above IBS(ru) was just to replicate these disks and send them to schools.

Possibly, someone decided this is a boring task and chose to remaster disks. Did all replication and sent medias. They didn't bothered even to test the disks — at least of the them should be bootable, and this property was lost during "remastering". After the loud scandal in press people apologized and promised to re-send corrected CDs. Yeah, really, they re-sent. Second time they messed up with filename encoding, and all Russian (non-Latin) file names were unreadable by Linux by default. Nice work, eh? There will no third try, they sure it's all right.

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