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Comment Re:Well, to be realistic (Score 1) 130

have fun with all that cash next time you're at AMS and have to buy a train ticket.

you CAN'T buy one in cash there anymore. You have to stand in a line with all the other confused people trying to buy a ticket in local currency, only to look for a currency slot and not find one. Complete nonsense if you ask me.

Comment ATTN: Nest (Score 2) 35

Don't care who is in charge. New boss, old boss.


I don't even care about the money I spent on your fancy hardware. I'm not using it, because YOU CAN'T ACTUALLY GIVE ME the SAME DATA YOU COLLECT FOR YOURSELF, in a reasonable fashion.

Kindly f*k off, thanks. I'll just be here engineering a home automation ecosystem that understands the principles of how intelligent people do things, thanks.

PS can I get a refund on this thing? Hell, it's nice hardware, at least just take it back so you can repackage it and sell it to some other sucke^H^H^H^H^H customer cause you're not getting any more of my data... well, at least until you give me that data too, you unbelievable wombats.

Comment Re:First... BULLSHIT (Score 4, Informative) 223

So your mic has a -3db point at 16k? OK, so all that means is your signal is attenuated.
Solution: BPF and amplify. Nothing of interest in that range, so collateral (spectral) damage is unimportant. Add a dash of modern DSP and blizzow!
Please retake Signals & Systems and then try again, thanks.

Comment old tech, new toy (Score 1) 223

So this has been happening on commercial radio stations for years.

The only difference is that then, you were explicitly aware of it and consented to carrying around the device.

News flash: carrying around a cellular-connected computer in your pocket, and trusting applications that you can't verify, puts you at risk for THINGS HAPPENING. Discuss.

Comment Re:Will mark write about the GOP's support of puti (Score 1) 194

I am interested in your theories; can you provide documentation on either assertion?

Specifically, how is the government trying to kill private space industry? Also, how is the same government spending billions on Putin's space program?

I try to #include <assert.h>

I appreciate if you could do the same.

Comment Re:Publicity stunt & posturing (Score 1) 194

I am marginally sorry to inform you that you are completely ignorant of the facts of space travel.

Please read about delta-V and understand gravity wells. Retake PHYS420 if you have to.

Then, learn how things actually work: If you were smart, you'd know you don't need to pick up extra boosters: you could just launch from A SINGLE VEHICLE and get a COMPLETE MISSION TO MARS. Here are some references to help you along the way:

Please do your research before spouting off about "dozens of big parts", because any rocket scientist knows how mass works - and you clearly don't. Decade long job? No, it's an 18-month job, because there's NO support equipment unless you're an aerospace industry shill. "Having a Moon base would help with construction"? Do you even understand gravity, and the QA process? Do you think it's easier and cheaper to QA while wearing a EVA suit?

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 1) 194

No, you're missing the point that it's actually cheaper to just burn once to get out of Earth orbit and be done with it, than it is to go to a "gas station" that's in orbit around the thing you're trying to escape the gravity well of, slow down, dock, do stuff, and then burn AGAIN... than it is to just GTFO in the FIRST PLACE like you SHOULD HAVE DONE. . The physics are actually pretty simple, if you're capable of math, and reading.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 1) 194

You're not wrong, but you're just misreading the entire thing.

The point is: cost of mission is built on weight. Weight is built on engineering. Overengineering, therefore, costs more weight -> increase launch costs. Make your structures as lightweight as possible to save on launch capacity, and you can fit more usable *stuff* on the mission. So why overengineer something just to make it survive on the Moon (and make it heavier, etc) when you can make it reasonable to survive on Mars, and spend more propellant on other important stuff?

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