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Submission + - NCR to spin off Teradata software unit

Mycroft_514 writes: " NCR, an ATM maker and cash register pioneer, plans to spin off its Teradata software unit from its banking and retail equipment business, creating two publicly traded companies. The tax-free spinoff is expected to be completed in six to nine months, NCR said Monday. Teradata sells data warehousing software, which is used to comb vast amounts of data, analyzing retail buying patterns and other types of business trends. It had sales of $1.5 billion and operating income of $309 million in 2005. NCR's core business sells specialized computer systems including automated bank teller machines and retail checkout equipment. It rang up sales of $4.5 billion and operating income of $251 million in 2005. "Teradata and the new NCR operate in different markets, each with solid prospects for the future. But they have markedly different business models," NCR Chief Executive Bill Nuti said in a statement. Analysts have speculated that the company might spin off Teradata to boost its stock price. They have said that the combined stock value of two separate companies might be higher than NCR's current value as the software unit has higher profit margins than NCR's other businesses. Nuti will serve as CEO of the new NCR. Mike Koehler, senior vice president of the Teradata division, will serve as CEO of the spun off software maker. The stock distribution ratio will be determined at a future date, NCR said. JPMorgan is its financial adviser. Story Copyright © 2007 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. My take on this? We have now come full circle, back to where we were 13 years ago. At&T bought NCR who bought Teradata. Now AT&t spun off NCR and fianlly NCR spins off Teradata. I said back in 1993 that there was no value in one buying theother, and now the finacers agree. But in the meantime, many people lost jobs — including me."

Submission + - Moderation is letting you down

Mycroft_514 writes: I entered the following comment, and got slammed by other readers for it. In actuality, I know a hell of a lot more about this particular story than they do. The moderation was wrong, as were all three responses, as was most of the story. 44669 You can go over to and get the full story. Whomever presented the story is wrong, the fact of the matter is that under US law, the site WAS illegal, and further, a second provider is ALREADY taking down the site after it moved. This is why a moderated system such as you have sometimes doesn't work. Finally, one of the reasons I know so much about this particular story is that the person who sat next to me at work for the last 2-3 years was arrested in a sting set up by perverted justice. He got to star on Dateline. You can bet I checked out how they operate VERY carefully at that point. My facts come from their story on this issue, not from that article you posted, which was slanted in the favor of the pedophiles. I have found my interest in /. declining over time, and it is things like this that make me doubt your future.

Submission + - What would you buy?

Mycroft_514 writes: Ok, thanks to a merger, I am left with a problem Slashdot can help with. I just started a "new" job,with the following effects: 1. All my vacation is gone 2. I received a $5K check as I was leaving the old job. What to spend it on? Ok, to stop some of the obvious: 1. All the credit cards are already paid off 2. I already have a dive vacation scheduled for Jan / Feb — a liveaboard trip to Belize — with "other" money 3. I already have a 3.6 GHZ laptop, with no current need to upgrade 4. I do not need to upgrade either car 5. My home is 7.2 miles to the front door of the new job. The only rules are: I am not giving the money to someone just because they ask, and nothing that requires the $5K as a "downpayment" on a loan works for me.

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