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Comment Well, most people are missing the point (Score 1) 568

There are certifying agencies. Including 1 for Data Processing professionals. However, most of us in the field could care less. 1 company I was with wanted to check out the tests they had. They had several senior people (I was 1) take tests in their field. The feedback was pretty consistant - the tests were not broken down into the correct brackets. They dumped the testing agency.

In another case I was required to take a "programming" exam as part of an interview process. Supposed to be generic questions without a language. I pointed out to the tester that 1 question had 2 different correct answers depending on a compile time switch in a language I was familiar with.

A couple of years ago, I got to help write a DB2 certification exam. The problem with that exam is that most people doing the actual work would do it with an open manual next to them, and IBM on the horn to answer questions, not closed book against a clock. (My assignment was 3 questions - 1 on each version of the exam). (A couple of the writers were people that then wrote study books for the very same test)

So the question of certification is who is qualified to write the tests? And how realistic are they?

Sorry, my best resume device is to list some of the things I have done to save companies money. The best 1 so far - found 1 line of code that was holding $10 million dollars of excess inventory. Close second - write a program from scratch and run it within 8 hours to avoid $4 million in IRS fines.

Comment Never installed Win 3.0 ever (Score 1) 387

I was running OS/2 at the time. OS/2 had the absolute best terminal emulator available at the time. And on the NCR computers we were stuck with at work, the DOS window of OS/2 was a better behaved DOS then the DOS that came with the NCR machines. As for the "multi-tasking" of Win 3.0 - Desqview did it better, even on an 8088 machine! And finally, The CASE tool I was running would not run on Windows. (I ran Dual boot anyway).

Comment Article is Horse Dung (Score 1) 185

First, if he's paying her $440/month, there *is* a way to contact her, and the Court has it.

Otherwise, personal service is a sine qua non of rights intended by the Founders. How do you know, she read it? You don't.

The judge may have told the guy to send it via Facebook, but he likely did not assert that it constitutes proper service.

Comment Over 20 years ago (Score 1) 550

My mom had diabetic retinopathy laser surgery. After having the lenses removed the old fashioned way years before that (scalpel, while awake). There are also effects noted for divers, so between the fears from my mom's surgeries, the potential side effects to diving, and the probable changes as my eyes age even more, it just isn't worth it.

Comment Lyft drivers dangerous? (Score 4, Interesting) 92

Are you kidding? The last guy who picked me up at LGA barely managed to communicate with me in Farsi -- neither my nor his native language, took the long way on the BQE to Williamsburg, then got lost-- fortunately, in the Hasidic sections (at least *I* would have been safe on the streets). Managed to rack up an extra $20 on the meter compared to a cab service while doing it, and drove in a manner that suggested he couldn't maintain a license in Mexico City.

Give me a Lyft driver anyday compared to the typical NYC borough cabbie.

Comment No. Ideology and political positions *are* linked (Score 0) 725

Evidently the writer does not understand coorelation as it applies to the social sciences. For instance, the OP includes such a silly statement as:

>making clear that you can believe in human-induced climate change and still be a conservative Republican.

Yes, you can be-- but that would make you a strange outlier. The nature of conservative Republicanism, in short, is to be host to a series of memes, which define conservative Republicans (and which are largely determined by the central Rove mind). One does not truly have freedom to remove oneself as a carrier of these memes, and continue to be part of the groupMind.

To be a conservative Republican zombie is to be entirely immune to scientific fact, and the only way to prevent further spread of the badMemes contagion is destruction of its zombie hosts, which are no longer human.

For methods, I refer you to CONPLAN 8888.

Comment How many people will actually use this? (Score 1) 169

How many qualifying Starbucks employees already have undergrad degrees?
How much is Starbucks playing ASU per pupil (if anything)?
What's the value (if any) of an ASU online degree (better than Phoenix, but...)?
What percentage and raw number of Starbucks employees, will choose an ASU online degree over a more traditional degree?

I'd love if the answers to those questions made this program look great, but I doubt they will, or that the cost of the program is more than its marketing value as calculated by the beancounters in Starbucks' corporate offices.

Submission + - CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to kidnap Snowden 5

Frosty Piss writes: As Edward Snowden made his dramatic escape to Russia a year ago, a secret US government jet previously employed in CIA 'rendition' flights on which terror suspects disappeared into 'black' imprisonment flew into Europe in a bid to spirit him back to the United States. On the evening of 24 June 2013, an unmarked Gulfstream V business jet took off from a quiet commercial airport 30 miles from a Washington DC. regional airport discreetly offers its clients 'the personal accommodations and amenities you can't find at commercial airports'. On its best-known mission, the jet flew a U.S. marshals into the UK on to collect radical cleric Abu Hamza after the United States won an extradition order against him. Only Vladimir Putin's intransigence saved Snowden from a similar travel package. The jet's activities can be followed on many flight tracking websites such as FlightAware

Comment Lower Court decision that applies NOWHERE (Score 1) 519

Y'all realize, perhaps, that this is an unpublished "tenative" decision by the lowest Court available in California and, likely, even if it were binding, would be immediately lifted on appeal?

Then go read the decision. The judge accepts bunk, such as, that one student in one class with one "underperforming" teacher, looses $1.2 MILLION in income over a lifetime (try to calculate that over 12 years of education!). It is accepted that 5% of teachers are underperforming, by being in the bottom 5%!

Oh, the Court of Appeals is going to just LOVE this one...

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