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Journal Journal: Snowblind

Watched Snowblind today.

It was a long time since I had my last dose of television/TV shows and it was a refreshing break indeed. It was interesting to break the sort of fast with Snowblind. The actors were really good and the dialogs, though a bit cliqued, still brought a smile to my face.

The background score and other visual ambiance elements were rather well made, and even though the entire movie was shot with the green background (to be able to make the epic backgrounds available on low budget as they say).

The ending was rather expected. Moreover, I did not start with the particular desire of finding a particularly grueling plot. I wanted a more-or-less action packed movie and got it. Not bad for a dull Saturday morning. Moreover, it was a satisfying offering while waiting for the next episodes of Pioneer One.

Looking at how things are turning out, I am becoming more and more convinced that VoDo is permanently going to change how people (like me) get their regular entertainment in the very near future.

~ musically_ut


Journal Journal: Just when I was learning to do it right

Playing with Tcl/Tk, Java Swing in the last few years, I had almost forgotten how innovative GUI programming can be. I have vague memories of attempting to fix few GUI response issues in these and throwing everything but the kitchen sing at the problem to fix it (or to leave behind a bigger mess).

I recently did some brain dead programming with Gtk and took the wise step of reading the manual more closely, because I did not want to get caught in the threading.Threads all over again and I discovered gobjects. Sanity seems to be restored for the time being. I sincerely hope that I am having a no-you-are-doing-it-wrong moment, or else GUI programming has not improved at all in the last five years or more. Nevertheless, still had to use a few hacks to get what I want.

Lessons learned:

  1. Reading the tutorial end to end is not enough.
  2. gobject.idle_add is a honking good idea. But remember to return False (for what?).
  3. With ScrolledWindow use add_with_view_port for some and just add for different UI elements (which ones?).
  4. Learn to compromise or use ugly hacks (where?)
  5. etc. (how?)

~ musically_ut

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