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Comment Nah. (Score 1) 239

I'll stay with Windows 7 for a while longer. But I won't be installing Windows 10 willingly, if ever.

Microsoft: "We let you choose how much spying we do on your activities!"
Users: "Uh...please don't spy on us at all. Like, none."
Microsoft: "OK, here's some revised settings that don't let you actually turn data collection off! One is called 'Basic'!"
Users: "..."

Comment Re:Polls were wrong everywhere (Score 1) 286

Maybe it's because the plan was the skew the polls to suppress the GOP vote by oversampling Democrats?

Minorities (not Democrats) are oversampled because they are minorities.

But oversampling doesn't mean what you're implying. It means if you are trying to accurately track the behavior of a minority group and only have the budget for a limited (often times in the low hundreds) data set you MUST poll more minorities constituents than otherwise would come up, or else (as happened in the LA times tracking poll) a single outlier participant can skew the results for all.

So you poll more people than their share of the electorate, BUT THEN YOU DIVIDE BY THE OVERSAMPLE FACTOR. This is statistics 101.

Comment Re:Ad money comes from somewhere (Score 1) 28

Ad spending in the US was $200billion in 2016, for a US labor force of 160mil. That's basically an annual $1200 tax on everyone for the privilege of having ads shoved in their faces.

Another, I would argue more representative, way of putting things is that advertising costs ~1% of GDP.

One could view that as a small price to pay for consumer lubrication.

Comment Re:Fine by me (Score 1) 248

Now, if only I could find a liquid hand soap that doesn't contain moisturizers...

I would like to believe that the fact most hand soaps have moisturizers will decrease since it was always the fucking "antibacterial" agents which caused most of the skin damage in the first place.

Comment Re:I'm not a car guy (Score 1) 215

Do you know the most popular stolen car is still 90s Hondas? Rarely do newer cars get stolen anymore.

90's Hondas weren't the most popular car to steal in the 90's. You're confusing the stolen car market (parts) with ease of theft. New cars aren't stolen at the same rate as older cars not because they are harder to steal, but because there demand isn't there for their parts.

Honda always tops the list not because Hondas are easier to steal, but because they are ubiquitous (thus probability is in their favor when it comes to the joyride market) and because the black market for parts (organized theft) needs more Honda parts than Mercedes.

Comment Web-skewed (Score 1) 241

Anyone can put up a web page, and Javascript and PHP have a large footprint there. (I guess Java, on the enterprise server side?) It's not hard to imagine there's lots of folks that have to deal with these languages as part of their larger duties, but aren't really trained as programmers in any traditional sense. That could fuel a bunch of StackOverflow traffic for sure...

Whichever ranking you look at will be skewed by the methodology. It feels like web-oriented languages are overemphasized in this cut.

Of course, my own worldview is skewed, too. I deal more with low-level hardware, OS interactions, etc. You won't find a lick of Javascript or PHP anywhere near any of the stuff I work on daily. Lots of C, C++, some Go and Python.

Comment Re:no binary blobs (Score 1) 122

A20 now has open source graphics driver? is it actually usable for accelerated graphics (composition in X) ?

No, there is no open source graphics driver for the A20's MALI. However the FSF will look the other way and grant an exception if the GPU is not used and graphics are processed on the CPU. This is what they have done with the one variant of the system they are having certified. They are selling (at least) two others which are not certified.

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