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Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

I would argue that solid direct proof isn't necessary to make an informed judgment about some probability if related / circumstantial evidence is there in abundance. Look back on the evolution of religions, observe the ways in which dogmas come into existence and how their misunderstandings of the world are frequent and almost always built not on logic or observation, but instead on emotional needs and fantasy. So I'd say their system is a broken one not based on anything provable and thus should be ignored.

What's wrong with just saying we don't know yet? Must people automatically assign religion/ghosts/superstition as our default answer to things we can't yet explain? Religion should go away; I see it as a virus of the mind and killer of logic and critical thinking.

Comment Re:Why should he be allowed to have it? (Score 1) 611

Because the website clearly is about this particular Ron Paul, not just because he's the most well known Ron Paul. It's also not a commentary (positive or negative) about him, they are instead a front for selling mechanize, the profits of which purportedly go to his campaign - when in fact they don't.
If someone was able to buy and started selling insurance using the WellsFargo trademark, appearing as though they were an arm of Wells Fargo, wouldn't that clearly be a cause to confiscate that domain (or at least take some sort of legal action against them)?

If it was clearly for a completely different Ron Paul, I would completely agree with you.

Comment Re:Philippines? (Score 1) 94

I remember reading that the Philippines was suppose to be connected in the first version of the APG, but later was removed because of funding or political issues in the Philippines. My memory is a bit fuzzy though, so go google it.

But, on the same vein, I was also wondering why Indonesia was not connected... seeing as it's the 4th largest country in the world and the 4th largest number of facebook users (per country).

Comment WolframAlpha Answer (Score 1) 337

Interesting... I definitely over thought the problem. But, I did come to the correct answer.[2^x%2C+{x%2C+0%2C+a}]+%2F+Integrate[2^x%2C+{x%2C+0%2C+48}]%29+%3D+.5

I guess from the beginning of the problem, before I finished reading it, I started wondering how much was covering the pond after just one day (The first day)... which is something I thought I couldn't do in my head, which then led me down this path.

Comment I've seen governments waste money in worse ways (Score 1) 121

I don't know why so many Australians are complaining about this network. I've seen many countries waste money in much worse ways. Just look at the USA spending hundreds of billions of dollars for things half the people don't agree with and not batting an eye (wars, military bases, foreign aid, social security). Just a few years ago with this bailout thing, whoops, a few trillion dollars spent in bailouts and QE. Take a look at Indonesia and the Philippines, just a random example, where tons of tax dollars just go to politicians pockets through corruption and ridiculous useless programs.

Adding a high speed network for your country sounds not so bad. Australia's networks suck as it is - expensive, slow and tiny bandwidth caps all over the place. Why not? Now you just need to attract companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Akamai to setup large installations in Australia to make good use of that network!

Comment Wusses (Score 1) 614

Oh please... I live in Indonesia. A 5.9 earthquake barely even makes the news. A 5.9 is like, "Uhhh, hrmm, something feels strange, am I feeling a bit dizzy? Oh no, it's just a small earthquake."

Seriously though, the depth of the earthquake makes a big difference and this one seemed to be shallow, so I can imagine most people clearly felt it. However, the shake map looks pretty tame.

Comment Compromised by worm or trojan? (Score 1) 62

Assuming most of these DDOS attacks come from from botnets; I wonder what percent of these DDOS attacks are made up of computers that were infected/compromised because they were left unpatched out in the open verses computers that were compromised because the user installed a pirated copy of some software that contained a virus or rootkit.

Given the reports I've heard of China and many other countries pirating 90% of their software, I'd imagine there's got to be botnet makers who make software piracy the foundations of some big botnets. Anyone know?

Comment It must be authorized first... (Score 1) 71

From their website:

"Verify Email Addresses: Before you can send email via Amazon SES, you need to verify that you own the email address from which you’ll be sending email. To verify an email address, make an API call with the email address as a parameter. This API call will trigger a verification email, which will contain a link that you can click on to complete the verification process."

So, what's all this talk about Amazon needing great content filters etc? Sounds to me if anyone is getting an email through this service, they approved it and they can unsubscribe anytime. Am I missing something?

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