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Comment Re:What the fuck is wrong with South Carolina? (Score 3, Informative) 849

Even worst, it's ammending a bill from 1976, which outlaws the following (among other things)
"Seduction under promise of marriage."
"Communicating obscene messages to other persons without consent."

I know every state in the United States has laws that should probably be better defined or come off the books all together. I would think that if you are going to add to a bill, you would update that bill at the same time. That way prostitution wouldn't carry a fine of 200 dollars and thirty days in jail but profanity would carry a fine of up to five thousand dollars and up to five years in jail.

Comment Re:Nothing will change (Score 1) 499

I stopped caring about baseball after that. Ever since Matt Williams, who was on pace to break the single season home run record at the time, of the SF Giants had his season cut short due to the strike, I've watched maybe 5 games (all World Series games at that) and haven't been to a stadium to see a baseball game since... and attendance numbers for baseball were pretty low I believe until the home run record was broken...

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