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Comment Re:And this is why federal government needs to shr (Score 1) 297

  • - Eliminate all patents and copyrights.
  • - Remove all drug licensing. Legalize everything. Caveat emptor.
  • - Eliminate all subsidies, grants, hand-outs, and other redistribution programs aided at distorting prices of services, products, or commodities.
  • - Eliminate all trade restrictions, tariffs, and other means that interfere with the voluntary exchange between consenting parties.
  • - Eliminate the limited liability of and fictional entity of the corporation. Those who engage in harmful actions to others must be held accountable. (Think how fast the faulty products would be recalled if the engineers/designers/project managers/etc. were held legally responsible for their decisions.)
  • - Eliminate all zoning laws on private property.
  • - Eliminate the externalizing of security or safety for products and services. E.g. let the airlines and airports pay for securing their services instead of letting the TSA grab and grope passengers.
  • I'm an agorist, so I advocate eliminating all statism.

Comment Freedom is lost playing the statist game. (Score 1) 222

How many more examples do people need before realizing that giving the state the power to force people into compulsory handing over of their privacy GUARANTEES that privacy, freedom, and security will be lost. Stop with the collectivist/slave mentality. Read the laws for your state regarding cars, you will be surprised to learned that they only apply to commercial activities, not to individuals traveling from point to point.

Comment Re:"Living Constitution" (Score 1) 1252

"right to bear arms". What is an "arm"? Could the founders have intended it to cover a weapon they hadn't conceived of existing.

Not sure if you are attempting humor or showing natural ignorance, but...arms is short form of armaments which means weapons for killing people. So, in the intent of the constitution, all weapons are fair game.

Now, it could be debated that there could be a distinction between arms for defense and Weapons of Genocide (chemical, biological, nuclear, etc.), since WoGs are not used to target specific individuals whereas a bullet is, no matter if shot from a .22 pistol or .50 caliber machine gun.

"right to feel secure in person and property". Does that include data on your hard-drive? What if we invent a scanner that can perform an invasive search without entering your house? Are you secure or not? The constitution doesn't mention scanners (or wire taps, or computer sniffing, or infra-red cameras, or WiFi hacking equipment, or laser mics).

It's "living" when it's applied to a new situation that did not in the past exist. The same as all laws (or do we need to make new copyright laws every time someone comes up with a new storage device?)

There's no need to "reinvent laws" to match minor changes in technology, the premise for existing laws remains the same. And yes, your hard drive is your property so they should be required to have a warrant to seize and/or do data analysis on it. If you want a current example of this, look up the court rulings against cops using a FLIR device to read heat signatures on houses suspected of being part of a grow-op (a cannabis grow operation for all you cats not hip enough).

Comment Re:Taxation is Theft (Score 2, Interesting) 762

Taxes paid for the DARPA-funded research you use everyday, grandparent.

The Internet could be different if DARPA didn't do what it did, but neither the concept of networking systems together nor the means of achieving it were by some "divine inspiration" only accessible to those who use coercion to achieve it. Besides, pointing to a "good" done by government doesn't invalidate my point, young pup.

Comment Re:Taxation is Theft (Score 1) 762

... Abortion is Murder, and flag burning is Treason?

As an amoralist, I couldn't care less about abortion, and as a libertarian I wouldn't stop you or anyone else from having one.

Regarding the flag. If you happen to have an emotional feeling for a piece of cloth, knock yourself out. Such tribalism is below me.

Comment Re:None of the Asian Tigers Replaced US innovation (Score 1) 257

Luckily there are libertarians who are not in support of the bullshit concept of Imanginary Property.

The Mercantilism of Our Time

There's also the story of how Watts sat on the patent for the steam engine, keeping innovation hindered until the patent ran out. Only then did he begin producing steam engines on a large scale.

Comment Re:And per capita? (Score 1) 388

Whenever I see such posts by those in the 'Old World' I rack them up as more examples of "Euro-Penis Envy".

I would seem that those who judge us over here in the 'New World' are by stereotypes provided by their media. It would be like me, a Texan, to believe that all British are like the characters portrayed by the show "Little Britain".

Comment Re:Makes you wonder (Score 1) 388

U.S. businesses don't provide health care because the government doesn't subsidize it. U.S. businesses provide health care because the government requires it, and subsidizes it. It isn't anything close to a free market.

That's not correct, business' are not require to provide health insurance for their employees. Employer provided health insurance was born as a reaction against wage controls enacted by FDR. Since employers couldn't pay more to attract employees, they got around it by providing other incentives for people to work for them. Before then, "insurance" was a community based function (e.g. churches pooling resources together for the congregation).


Submission + - Nuclear Fusion-Fission Hybrid Could Destroy Waste (

MrSnivvel writes: "Physicists at The University of Texas at Austin have designed a new system that, when fully developed, would use fusion to eliminate most of the transuranic waste produced by nuclear power plants. The invention could help combat global warming by making nuclear power cleaner and thus a more viable replacement of carbon-heavy energy sources, such as coal. "We have created a way to use fusion to relatively inexpensively destroy the waste from nuclear fission," says Mike Kotschenreuther, senior research scientist with the Institute for Fusion Studies (IFS) and Department of Physics. "Our waste destruction system, we believe, will allow nuclear power--a low carbon source of energy--to take its place in helping us combat global warming."" More good news on getting more non-fossil fuel based energy production online.

Comment O3 Spaces - Sharepoint Alt Re:Here we go again.. (Score 1) 249

I would agree that Exchange and Active Directory are two very important reasons why Microsoft will remain dominant. The third MS technology that the Open Source community could really compete in, but appears to be sleeping is SharePoint.

There is O3 Spaces that works with MS Office and Office, and has a Free Community edition available.

Comment Why does this have to be asked in the first place? (Score 1) 931

First off, to answer your question: No Motherfucker, she has no right (ethical or legal) to do this. You created those notes, so their your property. Hell, copyright law would even apply here.

Second, it's a sad state of affairs when these sorts of incidents beg the question if they can be done. Society is becoming a bunch of pussies when so-called authority figures stomp all over ("walk" doesn't convey enough malice) people who then ask timidly, "Was I wrong???" God damn, people need to grow some balls and tell these narcissistic meatheads to go Fuck Themselves 8 Ways to Next Sunday. This goes for everybody with some bullshit title; lawyer, judge, cop, president, teacher, etc.

The pussification of Humanity continues uncontested...

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