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Journal Journal: If I see another turtle documentary, I am going to scream.'

This is my current sig, and I chose it while I was watching the discovery channel (or similar) when a wildlife advert came on. My wife said the magic words out of the blue and it just made me laugh - how many people can honestly say they have ever heard that phrase before.

Journal Journal: Religious Organizations are businesses and should be TAXED 2

Let me first say, that I firmly believe that all people on this planet [and any other planet that may or may not be discovered] should be able to believe in whatever they like. If you want to pray to God, Jesus, Buddha, etc. then that is your choice. I respect that, and I will defend your right to believe in your god.

Now, here is the bit I dont believe in... What is the deal with religious groups thinking that they can act like a business and collect large amounts of land, assetts, businesses on the side, and then be exempt from taxation?

This is complete bullshit - if a religious group is behaving properly, it will collect income from donations, etc and then it will deduct expenses like electricity, bible printing, whatever and after that everything leftover - as per a normal business is PROFIT - AND IT SHOULD BE TAXED, JUST LIKE A BUSINESS.

I am all for freedom of speech and religion but I will not accept that they should be able to make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenue without any taxation at all, just because they are a 'religion'.

Journal Journal: I finally got a mobile phone

Last time I had one was in 2000, and since I've been in the one job i havent wanted/needed one.

Until now - the Nokia 6610 was on special for $249 AU (outright - no plans), so I got it.

Its pretty small but nice to use, and has:
- WAP browsing
- send emails
- Calendar, contacts, todo
- IR sync to PC
- FM Radio
- Java apps and games

plus all the phone stuff (which I hardly use)

Overall, I'm pretty happy - I would have like full email and web browsing, but I cant afford it here in ($1200 AU) and/or $79/month plan.

Now, my question is - why has no one built a java app that turns a IR port on a phone into a TV remote control?
User Journal

Journal Journal: My ideal Mobile phone - does it exist? 1

I've been looking around for a while for my ideal phone - I dont mind spending up to $500 AU, but I dont want to settle for something that doesn't do everything I want.

Bascilly, I want a pocket sized device that:
- can browse the web at a reasonable cost (i.e. not 0.48cents per 30 seconds)
- send/receive emails (doesn't really have to sync with PC based mail apps - I'd be happy just with web access so I could use webmail.)
- Tri Band (so I can use it on camping holidays. Actually this is my main goal - I want to be able to check emails when I am fishing on the river)
- has a decent screen display - 640x320 min
- keys are not too small - qwerty keypad would be ideal
- decent PIM software (calendar, notes, tasks)
- syncs data with a PC (Windows and Linux)
- reasonable phone plan ($10-$20 per month + data costs)

Nice extras to have would be:
- FM radio
- MP3/OGG player with decent memory [256M] - expandable
- downloadable games and java apps
- torch
- programmable IR remote (TV's etc)
- GPS with built in map software (Ok - I'm getting silly here, but it would be cool)

So, does this exist (in Australia?), or do I have to wait another year or so?
If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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