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Comment Re:Google is IT done right... (Score 1) 217

You're right about one thing, the systems in 1998 didn't look like GoolgeFS. They looked like what GoogleFS is becoming now that they are actually learning how to do it. Google very clearly did not know which constraints mattered, but now they seem to be aimed towards the right track now.

Oh, and you'll find the commercial world is vastly less impressed by a PhD then you think. Skills are all that matter. A PhD is like a shortwave radio - only other people with a shortwave care, and everyone else thinks you're a little nuts :)

Comment Re:Google is IT done right... (Score 5, Interesting) 217

Not really, it's IT done by not letting anyone over 30 or with any experience into the room. Every single issue they had to learn and fix mentioned in the article is quite literally standard textbook stuff in distributed systems, and has been for over 40 years. The failure model, the huge chunk sized, the single master problems... etc. Nobody who had taken even one decent class would have ever considered the original design viable.

They really should just stick to buying their tech pre-made like everything else Google is known for - acquisitions. Other companies are willing to hire experienced people. You know, those old lazy bastards that only work 40 hours a week because they have families, cost way too much to provide health insurance to, but get things done 5x as fast because they have done it before :)

Comment Re:Cisco anyone? (Score 1, Informative) 133

Sadly, your statement was never true. Everything you think of as from Google was bought except the original Pagerank (obsoleted about a week after they started using it), which is licensed from Stanford. And AdSense, responsible for 99.9999% of their revenues, feeding the rest of the company, was bought and started from work at Brown University.

Please provide evidence for anything you think Google invented in-house.

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