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Comment Re:By reef... (Score 1) 277

And when they dump the 300 million tonnes of silt, a lot of it will float through the water. I believe they have stated that on any day there will be 20% chance that the particles will reach the coral dumping silt on it, all to save money on treating the toxic sludge on land (yes too toxic to be allowed to dump on land without processing.)

Comment Re:Jesus Fucking Christ (Score 1) 693

As a visitor, you missed a small part of the Australain psyche. We tried your approach back in the 1960's. Any Aboriginal family that looked even slightly disfunctional and "whoosh" the children were removed to be saved from their situation. About 15 years later as those children started to grow up we finally realised we weren't doing them any favours. They grew up displaced, confused and entirely disfunctional, whereas the ones that stayed behind sometimes went bad and sometimes turned into great people. We don't do it anymore unless the child is truely at risk as your best chance in life is to grow up amongst your family and peers, not be hauled off to an alien lifestyle and strangers (no matter how well meaning they are.)

Submission + - Experience uber search with Google

ppadala writes: "I formatted this a little better. Please discard my previous submission. Google today unveiled its "uber search" which allows you to search for text, images, news etc. together. This is the result of unifying various search engines that Google developed for web, images, news etc. PCWorld has an article describing the new universal interface. Google's main page and the results page are also sporting a polished look with a top menu bar sporting various search items. From CNET news,

"Now with universal search we can provide a more holistic answer," Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products and user experience, said during a "Searchology" media event at the company's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. To illustrate further, Mayer searched for the classic black-and-white horror film Nosferatu. The first result was a link to a popular film site, IMDB, and the second was a link to the actual movie, which can be played on the page in a window. A search for "I have a dream" will display results related to Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous civil rights speech, as well as to a video of the speech. The results also will include video from other sources such as video-sharing site Metacafe.

Submission + - Ring Provides Evidence For Dark Matter

GoogleRuinedMyLife writes: "A team of US researches from Johns Hopkins University has observed some of the strongest evidence to date of the existence of Dark Matter in the universe (requires free registration). From the article: "A ring-shaped distribution of mass in a galaxy cluster five billion light-years from Earth is the strongest evidence yet for the existence of dark matter. This is the claim of physicists from the US and Europe, who have used data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to see how gravity is bending the light around the cluster. Unlike previous searches in other galaxy clusters, this would be the first time dark matter has been seen isolated in its own separate structure.""
The Almighty Buck

Fake E-Mail Results in Angry Apple Shareholders 193

drhamad writes "Apple stock dropped 2.2% today in mid-afternoon trading as Engadget published news based on a faked e-mail inside Apple. 'Apparently an internal memo was sent to several Apple employees--and forwarded to Engadget--around 9am CT today saying that Apple issued a press release with the news that the iPhone was now scheduled for October, and Leopard was delayed until January. About an hour and a half after that e-mail went out, a second e-mail was sent--this time officially from Apple--saying the first e-mail was a fake, and that the delivery schedule for the iPhone and Leopard had not changed.'"

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