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Submission + - MIT Students Release Code To 3D-Print High Security Keys (

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: At the Def Con hacker conference Saturday, MIT students David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert released a piece of code that will allow anyone to create a 3D-printable software model of any Schlage Primus key, despite Schlage’s attempts to prevent the duplication of the restricted keys. With just a flatbed scanner and their software tool, they were able to produce precise models of Primus keys that they uploaded to the 3D-printing services Shapeways and i.Materialise, who mailed them working copies of the keys in materials ranging from nylon to titanium. Primus high-security locks are used in government facilities, healthcare settings, and detention centers, and their keys are coded with two distinct sets of teeth, one on top and one on the side. That, along with a message that reads "do not duplicate" printed on the top of every key, has made them difficult to copy by normal means. With Lawrence and Van Albert's software, anyone can now scan or take a long-distance photo of any Primus key and recreate it for as little as $5.

Submission + - Is there a secure email option for the privacy-conscious? 1 writes: Towards the end of last week I found out about Tormail, and it seemed like just the thing I wanted — I'm a long-time GMail user (since before it was open to the public) but the recent exploits of Google (shutting down Google Reader, their pushing of Google+ everywhere, etc.) and the facts revealed by Snowden suggested to me that it was time to stop trusting cloud providers and take a bit more of an interest in privacy and anonymity. So I signed up and emailed many of my contacts to say that was my new address... only to have the site go down almost before I could read any responses. Today on /. I read about the operation by the FBI affecting many Tor sites, Tormail one of them. Just my luck.
Is there a reliable, secure alternative for email for a person like me? I'd prefer not to have to host it myself, I don't really think I have the skills, but if there's a package that's simple and reliable then that would be first prize. Basically anything to get my life out of Google's (and the FBI's) hands...

Submission + - Android 4.3 Firmware Release on Galaxy S4 Google Edition (

An anonymous reader writes: Android 4.3 firmware has been pre-released on Google edition of Galaxy S4. A developer at the xda-developers forum mentioned about this leak. He created a file for custom recovery of the system dump. The build number of the OS is JWR66B and its has some updated features such as improved battery performance, wireless charging when the device is off.

Submission + - Self-assembling multi-copter demonstrates networked flight control (

cylonlover writes: Researchers at ETH Zurich have demonstrated an amazing capability for small robots to self-assemble and take to the air as a multi-rotor helicopter. Maximilian Kriegleder and Raymond Oung worked with Professor Raffaello D’Andrea at his research lab to develop the small hexagonal pods that assemble into flying rafts. The true accomplishment of this research is that there is not one robot in control – each unit in itself decides what actions to take to keep the group in the air in what's known as Distributed Flight Array.

Submission + - SPAM: Icahn changes tack, seeks $16B Dell stock buyback

atriciad9 writes: Activist investor Carl Icahn on Tuesday proposed a $16 billion share buyback in his latest effort to thwart Dell Inc. founder Michael Dell's effort to take the struggling computer maker private. Icahn, now the company's second-largest shareholder after buying 72 million shares from fellow activist investor Southeastern Asset Management Inc., wants the company to buy back up to 1.1 billion Dell shares at $14 apiece to boost shareholders' return on their investment. The price of the buyback would represent about two-thirds of Dell's current market value of about $23.5 billion. Dell and other personal computer makers have seen their sales crumble because of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. In May, Dell posted a 79 percent decline in earnings for the most recent quarter. Michael Dell believes he can turn the company around by taking it private and diversifying into niches, such as business software, data storage and consulting.
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Submission + - Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight – Dual Campaign for Dark Matter (

An anonymous reader writes: InterWave Studios, Developers of Award-Winning Nuclear Dawn, To Complete Development of Dark Matter

(SITTARD, THE NETHERLANDS) June 18, 2013 – InterWave Studios announced today a dual Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign that will run simultaneously for their upcoming DRM-free game Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is a Metroid-like, intense sci-fi side scrolling game that combines the twitch mechanics of a first person shooter with an adventure platformer.

  Kickstarter Page: Pledge for us now.

  Steam Greenlight Page: over here.


Submission + - New Java Exploit Spotted in the Wild (

wiredmikey writes: Security researchers have discovered new zero-day Java vulnerability being targeted in the wild.

According to FireEye, the exploit was found on a server in China, and if it successfully attacks a given endpoint, the payload that is delivered is hosted on the same server. They were able to successfully exploit a test machine against latest version of Firefox with JRE version 1.7 update 6 installed.

On Monday, the Metasploit Exploit team at Rapid7 said they had developed a working exploit that they say enables a successful attack against a fully patched Windows 7 SP1 with Java 7 Update 6.

Once again, it’s wise to remove Java if it isn’t absolutely needed in your environment. Most home users have little need for the software these days, and most experts agree the risk outweighs the reward when it comes to installing it. If you must have Java installed, be sure to be relentless about patching Java with the latest security updates.


Submission + - MPAA and RIAA Budgets Severely Slashed

jones_supa writes: Despite the ever increasing threat of online piracy, tax records reveal that in a period of three years the major Hollywood movie studios cut their payments to the MPAA in half. As a direct result the budget of the movie industry group reached a new low of $49.6 million, causing wage and legal fee payouts to plummet. At the same time it can be discovered how the latest RIAA tax filing shows that their revenue has also reached a new low. In just two years the membership dues from music labels have been cut in half and have now sunk to below $30 million a year. While the two organizations have not yet received their final blow, they are definitely in a downward spiral.

Submission + - VMware to Join OpenStack Foundation (

hypnosec writes: OpenStack Foundation, backed by virtualization players like Rackspace, Red Hat and IBM, is going to get a unexpected new member – Vmware. According to a post on the OpenStack Foundation Wiki, the agenda of the Board of Directors meeting on August 28 includes the Gold membership of VMware as one of the topics. VMware is not the only one applying for Gold membership as Intel and NEC are also standing in line for their memberships as well.

Comment Re:Disappointing (Score 1) 439

You should move to Sweden. 30 cm of snow over night isn't uncommon and when it goes on snowing for a couple weeks it get gets old pretty fast.
Even the polar bears seems to have moved to better conditions.

I don't actually hate the winter but it would be nice if instead of like 6 months winter every year we could have 4 months every other year.

Comment Re:Is this a problem? (Score 1) 402

Well, I work from home a lot on rather data intensive projects and a 5 Mb/s connection would bring an end to that.
I would mean I would either have to move closer to my office or commute 300 kilmeters a day (round trip) neither is acceptable (I'm at the office perhaps 2-3 days a week).
High bandwidth means freedom of living the life you want to for many people. I live in area where I can see 1 other house and I can actually make out if someone is home if using binoculars and that's just about how crowded I would like my living area to be.
My lifestyle would not be possible for me without high bandwidth.

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