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Journal Journal: AT&T Turning Away iPhone 3G Buyers

Stopping into an AT&T store early in order to inquire about the quantity that my local store will have for launch day, I decided to check my eligibility for a subsidized upgrade because I just upgraded 5 months ago under the assumption that the 3G iPhone would not be subsidized like the original version. Upon looking up my account information, the sales person stated that I would be unable simply skip the subsidy and buy a full price iPhone 3G July 11th. I asked if he could verify this and he talked to his manager and got the same answer immediately. "Only new contracts, existing iPhone owners and over 2 year contract renewals" will be able to get the much lusted after new 3G iPhone on launch day. A few more calls verified this for the other stores in my area. So it looks like myself and many others looking to get the shiny new iPhone 3G may be out of luck until the 12th...
User Journal

Journal Journal: Woo!

W00t baby!!

I made it onto someone's (ben there... (946946)) "foe list"! Which, according to him, I'm either a Mac Fanboi, a troll and/or an asshole...

Glad to be of service! My guess is that I'm a "Mac fanboi", though I'm a tad old to be a "boi" anything...

No matter! I'm simply pleased that I help give a meaning to life for someone who's existence is obviously so meager that he needs to amuse himself by adding people who may otherwise have a good thought worthy opinion to his foe list.

Granted, I can be a "prick" once in a while and I'm not outside of being a Mac User (I do avoid dribbling when at all possible), but I generally have good intentions and I feel I at least make a heartfelt attempt to better whichever discussion I involve myself in.

Regardless, I have no problems with this guy and he is more than welcome to hate me simply because I own a Mac or perhaps I am occasionally blunt... who knows? Despite your best intentions pal, you will still amuse me, so I'm leaving you in my "Freaks" list and I strongly encourage you to continue on with your little quest!


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