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Submission + - Google will eliminate accidental mobile ad clicks (

Mark Wilson writes: ds are part and parcel of being online, but they can be particularly annoying for mobile users. When playing games on a phone or tablet, it's all too easy to accidentally tap an ad you have absolutely no interest in, pulling you out of the game you were playing or the site you were reading. If you've cursed when this happened to you, Google hears you.

The company is taking steps to make the "user experience" of ads a little better. It recognizes that advertisements that get clicked accidentally don't benefit anybody. They end up irritating the clicker, and are unlikely to be of value to the company that placed the ad. With around half of ad clicks being made by mistake, Google is now taking steps to stop this from happening — great news for users advertisers alike.

In all, Google is making three key changes to ads that appear on smartphones and tablets, starting off by adding an unclickable border to the outer edges of advertisements.

Submission + - Proof Comcast Throttles Netflix ( 8

An anonymous reader writes: Matt Vukas has done some (not so thorough) testing to prove that Comcast is definitely throttling Netflix after the FCC gave the green-light. On comcast network, Netflix is slow. Still using the same network, but with an added VPN layer, which should be slower, Netflix is suddenly back to normal speed.

Comment Re:You need 15? (Score 1) 226

Heh, actually I have a variety of platforms including a few embedded devices, SO the additional tools I use, including the shell, compilers and utilities varies from server to server depending on their job or task. The only thing that immediately springs to mind as really being universal across all of my devices is the kernel itself!

Though there may be one or two other utilities or programs that might be common to all of them.... I'm not about to put forth the exertion to check ;)

Comment Re:Windows 8 (Score 1) 385

You'll want it for an ARM-based tablet.

No. No I won't.

Not when other OS's that were designed to be tablet OS's are available in lieu of MS's rushed bastard child that's going to attempt to be relevant in a market that has shown again and again a full desktop OS has no place in.

Comment Prepared? (Score 1) 562

I'm not "prepared" for a disaster in the truest sense of the word. "Prepared" alludes to the fact that some conscious and extra effort has been taken in order to have something to "fall back" on when you are hit with the unexpected.

I think the better word for me is simply "ready".

I grew up in a rural area and was often out in the woods or field without proper tools or away from modern conveniences so I began to develop what I later learned is called an "Every Day Carry" and just made having a wide and flexible variety of tools and supplies constantly ready and always available.

Right now on my person I have an iPhone 4, a 3" lockback pocket knife, small bags, a spare key in my wallet, my wallet, chapstick (shut up lol!), 50 feet of paracord, and a very compact belt sheath holding a leatherman, a 16gb usb flashdrive, a 700 lumen LED flashlight with spare battery and a small waterproof bison tube with needle, thread and firesteel...

I cannot be found without these items so long as I'm clothed. While my car and home is better equipped, if I was suddenly thrust into the middle of nowhere or into a disaster situation, I'm already carrying 99% of what I need to make it indefinitely assuming ANY resources are available (ie-game, trees, water) using what I'm already carrying and survival skills that were learned growing up.

Everything else extra is just frosting on the cake of survival.

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