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Comment Re:Quite a step down... (Score 1) 171

This. What any presidential candidate needs is a veep who is inert - someone who won't outshine the candidate and doesn't have strong opinions (especially those that might conflict with said candidate).

None of the people on the "rich" flavor list could possibly fit that criteria. Someone was having fun daydreaming and actually wrote it down.

Comment Dear autos: please give up (Score 3, Insightful) 291

Auto makers just don't understand tech, and the product cycle of phones is way, way faster than cars. I own a car typically 10-15 years. I own a phone maybe 4, if it doesn't get a fatal screen break.

I want my car to have an audio input, and a USB charge port. That's it - let me handle the GPS, audio, whatever with my own phone & my own apps.

If autos want to really get fancy, mirror my phone on a bigger touch screen - but stay out of the way.

Comment Re:Mars gave us Congreve and it goes back? (Score 1) 114

>scale ion thrusters or solar sails or Moon based laser push-beams
OK, and how many ounces is that going to push?

Dude, manned missions are HEAVY. You have the people, their air systems, food, water redundant everything to keep people alive.
Slow pushers like what you listed make the travel time a LOT longer (say 10x, if you're optimistic), meaning you need that much more food, water, oxygen, etc - making the whole payload mind-bogglingly heavy... meaning then the engine then won't get the job done at all.

Comment Re:Pay taxes (Score 1) 51


The solution to government control and burocracy is not more government control and burocracy.
Non-rich people can, and do, give to charitable causes. If you consider donating time as a non-zero valued item, the poor and middle class give far more to charitable causes than the rich.

Your need to stop thinking that government is the only answer.

Comment Biased title (Score 1) 51

"Pet charter school"? That seems to say the submitter thinks this isn't a good idea.

Dude. If someone want to shake up education to try something new, and wants to give a boat load of money - what's not to love?

What if this turns up something that works better?
What if it doesn't, and all we get is rich people giving money towards educating a bunch of children?

Comment Re:Doll. Fin. (Score 2) 305

It's to support legacy hardware.
Printing presses using physical typeset would have problems with a tiny period or comma in the middle of open space (away from text and under the quote marks) - it would tear paper or break off the typeset. The get around that, they moved the dot closer to other text - to the left of the quote mark.

Somehow that hack implemented for hardware support changed the language structure to become official, even though that's not logical or even the original standard.

Think of it as an IE6 of the English Language.

Comment Re:Dolphin deciphering (Score 1) 305

There are actually a lot of universal, non-learned human gestures. The first pump in the air is a good example - a sign of pride & victory. Saw that on a documentary a while back. Basic body language study will show a ton more. Crossed arms, smiles, covering the face/mouth with a hand - all other examples.
Fascinating stuff.

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