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Comment Re:People like Musk need to do more homework (Score 1) 150

Perhaps there's another solution here. Today's traffic is mainly moving *people* around. Perhaps we can reduce/replace those trips.

The last one on your list is a good example: going to a movie. The vast majority of movies I see now are in my home. I don't go to the movie theater. Didn't even drive to a BlockBuster. No travel involved at all.

Other things are harder to replace, but we're getting there. With technology, having lunch or your shopping delivered is becoming a practical option- and there's a lot more delivery options for a small package than a car full of humans.

Comment Re:Congress playing with train set (Score 1) 106

Why should pizza shop have to also build & own a fleet of cars?

Let NASA make the cool new space probes, and get a lift up there from commercial rockets. Getting into obit is easy enough that multiple private companies can do it. The real science out there is hard and doesn't (yet) have commercial payback. That's NASA's niche.

Comment Re:Take your time (Score 1) 106

Rushing things was NOT the lesson to be learned from Challenger.
The lesson there was this: Listen to your engineers. If they say the air temp is outside of design limits, listen to them. Don't let middle managers overrule them.

The overall lesson of the Shuttle was this: Sporks designed by a committee look cool, but don't do any one job well.

Comment Re:Mapping vs real-time (Score 3, Interesting) 68

I dunno. I can buy a Tesla today with a pretty good auto-pilot that works now. Traditional car companies have, um, cruise control? Beeping if a car is in my blind spot?

Everyone who's anyone SAYS they have a group working on autonomous driving. Your pay-walled link (hidden nested behind 2 layers of fluffy blogs) doesn't seem to be based on anything but R&D department press releases.

I welcome the idea of multiple competent approaches to the problem - but I stand by my original post. Humans can drive just fine without memorizing roads to within millimeters. We drive by figuring out the road as we come to it. Makes sense for technology to use a flexible approach like that as well.

In the original article, the Cadillac rep seems to be bragging that their system doesn't work on roads in general, and has a very limited use case. Strange things to brag about.

Comment Mapping vs real-time (Score 3, Insightful) 68

I think Tesla's "on the fly" approach is the right one long term. If Caddy is depending on historical saved maps, any change at all will be a serious challenge. Road construction, parade barriers, broken down vehicles, etc. You can't rely on what a road was yesterday.

And yearly updates? That alone tells me Cadillac doesn't get it. Tesla's algorithm updates, what, every 2 weeks or so - with major car OS updates very few months. And Cadillac thinks that a yearly map update (probably only for 2 or 3 years) is going to make them competitive. That's cute.

Comment Pooled driving? Already exists. (Score 3, Insightful) 168

We already have pooled driving and shared cars. It's called a taxi.
The only thing a self-driving vehicle does is take out the cost of the human driver. That's it.

People also carpool. That's been around forever.

Self-driving vehicles will change a lot of things: delivery trucks will go cross-country without sleep breaks, off-site parking will be more practical, highway deaths will drop like crazy - but nothing about city traffic will fundamentally change.

Comment Re:It's hyped and will shift to something else soo (Score 1) 117

Imagine if you only had to eat because you'd become dizzy and weak eventually, and food wasn't really that palatable; eating would be terrible, but necessary.)

That's me about half the time. Eating & food is such a huge pain in the neck. Huge waste of time & money. And yet I get the shakes and fuzzy headed if I don't keep the calories coming in on a regular schedule.
Because it's a social thing, you can't just find a nerd replacement like Soylent or some other "get it out of the way" solution - the wife & kids need & want food too.

The human body is just an awful thing to have to maintain.

Comment Re:It's for your own safety, trust us you dumb fuc (Score 1) 199

You're missing the point. Users certainly are free to repair the phones. Establish law there.

Apple's way around this is to not sell replacement parts. There might be something to the security angle, but sounds mighty fishy.

And ya, this is old news, since at least the iPhone 5.

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