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Comment What about all the fake news from MSM? (Score 5, Insightful) 270

Is the mass media responsible for fabricating stories and inciting riots? Seems to me the media routinely fans the flames of racial division by releasing false information.

Remember the Charlotte riots? The media first reported that Keith Scott was unarmed. This was a major factor that led to the riots. Turns out, Keith Scott was armed. Is this a case of media fabrications causing riots?
In the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, the media first reported that Brown was on his knees with his hands up. Turns out, that was another media fabrication which also led to riots.

In the Ahmed Mohamed clock incident, the media first reported that Ahmed was just building a clock, as a project for his electronics class, but the principal called the police because Ahmed was a Muslim. Turns out, that was another media fabrication. Ahmed used a clock that he bought at a department store, along with a briefcase and other props, to make a fake bomb. In a post-Columbine world, what should the principal have done? What if it had been a bomb? BTW: although he was richly rewarded for this stunt, Ahmed has been posting extremely anti-American rants: he called the 9/11 attacks self defense, he supports BLM, and much more.

When George Michael Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, the media first posted photos of an 11 year old Trayvon. Months after the incident, some people still believed that Zimmerman attacked a small child, which was not the case. Trayvon was an athletic 5'11" and 160 lbs. and was beating the snot out of Zimmerman. Maybe Zimmerman was not justified in shooting Trayvon, but Trayvon was not an 11 year child, and the media tried to insinuate.

Comment "Fake new crises" is fake news (Score 1) 624

Extremely biased news sources, like CNN and MSNBC, are getting their asses kicked by internet sources like Infowars, and Breitbart.

In response, some left wing extremist associate professor created a list of "fake news" sites. By "fake news" she means anything that is not left wing biased.

Submission + - Ken Ham: We Shouldn't Waste Money Studying Science (patheos.com)

walterbyrd writes: Creationist Ken Ham, whose Noah’s Ark theme park has a price tag of $102 million, went on a Twitter rant this morning to argue that we need to stop funding the study of evolution and alien life because that money “could be used to benefit the human population in so many ways.”

Comment IMO: cost & standards matter most. (Score 1) 259

I am surprised that nobody has mentioned cost until now.

The fact that windows is the standard in business, and government, is another huge factor. Uprooting your windows infrastructure, and replace it with apple would be a huge endeavor. Everybody would have to retrained, you would have to buy all new applications, and so on.

Submission + - Face electrodes let you taste and chew in virtual reality (newscientist.com)

walterbyrd writes: Experiments with “virtual food” use electronics to emulate the taste and feel of the real thing, even when there’s nothing in your mouth. This tech could add new sensory inputs to virtual reality or augment real-world dining experiences, especially for people with restricted diets or health issues that affect their ability to eat.

Comment Re:Ummmm, read the ENTIRE story (Score 1) 357

> please show me where in the constitution it says journalists are immune from prosecution

Straw man much? Nobody said that.

> also show me where it defines what a journalist is, and how a journalist is different from any other citizen

Show me where there is any evidence that she was acting in any capacity other than to report what was going on?

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