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Submission + - Is google manipulating search results to influence election?

walterbyrd writes: New article on "Frontpagemag" : HOW GOOGLE IS STEERING USERS AWAY FROM CLINTON HEALTH WOES. This issue has come up before. Last June snopes denied this was happening. But this undated article by on wikileaks seems to support the idea that Google has been manipulating search results. A lot of people on twitter have compared search results from the three major search engines, and seem to feel that Google is manipulating results. Would be interested to know if people on slashdot have any thoughts about this.

Submission + - Google Fiber reportedly told to cut half its staff to offset subscriber shortfal (

walterbyrd writes: Alphabet CEO Larry Page is not happy with the speed of Google Fiber's rollout and last month told the unit's chief Craig Barratt to halve the unit's headcount to 500 and cut costs, sources told The Information.
Yet for all the costs sunk into Google Fiber, the service only had around 200,000 subscribers by the end of 2014, according to The Information, a figure that is well short of the five million hoped for within five years.

Comment Re:Margins (Score 1, Insightful) 126

In the 1990s, Apple made high margins on their PCs, and almost went bankrupt.

Businesses preferred the much less expensive Windows boxes. So windows became the standard.

Once you control the standard, everybody else is an also-ran.

If Android because the dominate standard in smart phones, Apple is in serious trouble. I think Apple makes about 60% of their revenue, and 80% of their profits from iPhones. If iPhone sales slip, it might be 1997 all over again.

Comment Want more STEM workers? Stop stomping them. (Score 4, Insightful) 118

I think it's fair to say that a STEM degrees are not easy to get.

So why bother getting one, if you are just going to have your job offshored, or get replaced by a visa worker?

If you really want more STEM workers: stop sending the message that are you going to stomp the crap out of them.

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