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Journal Journal: Submitted Story Review

I know, I know...I read the FAQ. There is no explanation for rejected stories. I don't take it personally.

However, I wouldn't mind a little more insight. It would be great if there was some feedback on why stories are rejected. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing what other people are submitting and getting rejected. Is there some way to peek into the trashcan and rummage through discarded story ideas? It would be kind of a collective blog.

Just a thought...

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Journal Journal: Meta-Meta Moderation

Since Slashdot doesn't really have a mechanism for protesting moderation and meta-moderation voting, I've taken to writing a note in the journal for my permanent record.

I had a moderation I made voted "unfair" during the meta-moderation process, and this really doesn't seem like an informed vote. The subject in question was a Wired article on producting fuel from tar pits in Canada (see this). In the discussion, a huge thread developed over the merits (or lack of) in Michael Moore's Farenheit 911. I moderated this as "off-topic", because it had nothing to do with the parent discussion. This was meta-moderated as "unfair".

Now, maybe I missed something in the context of the thread that in Moore's movie there was a large amount of discussion of Canadian tar pits. And maybe I'm just over-reacting to being meta-moderated by a rabid Michael Moore fan. But, I would have thought that this was a "fair" moderation.

Anyway, the "unfair" vote seems somewhat unfair...

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Journal Journal: The Elite Slashdot 6 Digit ID Society 1

Those of us who did not discover Slashdot until later in its life (for me, being the 591753rd person to create an account) have probably been jealous of those low member ID numbers. We've seen those 5 digit and 4 digit ID numbers and wished that we'd been plugged in enough to set ourselves up on Slashdot in those ancient days.

Fortunately, time heals all wounds. As Slashdot approaches member 1,000,000 and beyond, those of us with 6 digit ID numbers will soon start to look like the wise few who joined early. Rejoice in your soon to be discovered membership in the Elite Slashdot 6 Digit ID Society!! Nothing will enhance your life more than knowing you are part of the 900,000 people (assuming no one has ID "0") who were wise enough to stop posting anonymously.

Except maybe being willed one of those uber-cool less than 6 digit IDs...

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