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Comment Anecdotal evidence (Score 1) 231

I've been running my company on MSE/FEP/Defender for the past 6 years with zero headaches caused by the anti-virus software itself and an infection rate of maybe 5 or 6 per year across 200 PC and laptops. Users have local admin rights. Perimeter IDS catches some things that get through.

It seems to work better than any other anti-virus I've used and I hate them all. It's certainly the least annoying.

Comment Kind of pissed... (Score 1) 89

... that they release this about two weeks after I'd given up and ported my GV # away. I had put up with years of MMS/SMS frustration. They must have changed their default SMS app three or four times. All my contacts had two #s for me despite me trying to do everything I possibly could to prevent that. Porting to T-mobile was such a nightmare experience (5 days, 3 hours on the phone, 2 visits to store (avoid the stores)) that I'm hesitant to port it back.

Guess I'll just get a new GV # and see if it is really going to be worth it. Can't say I really trust Google not to fuck it up (or change it often enough to be irritating) again.

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