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Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 478

You're right, you said "super capacitor plates" which is not entirely the same thing, but the same principle still applies: For high tech applications, purity is critical, and mineral coal is not pure.

Do you ever abstain from trying to torpedo a discussion you're losing by calling the other person a retard?

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 478

Yes, they CAN do it, but there is no reason to do it.

And mineral coal is not that "close" - it contains a lot of impurities (eg heavy metals, sulfur) which makes it unsuitable for water filtration and battery electrodes in your list of examples.

We don't need coal anymore. When - not if - all the coal is gone, we have it covered.

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 2) 478

Activated CHARcoal, which is not made from mined coal but from organic matter than is run through a gassifier to remove all the volatile compounds and leave the carbon.

You do not need mineral coal for this. There are vanishingly few things that require mineral coal these days.

Comment What year is it?! (Score 5, Informative) 118

"Dark Mode" has been around for about a year now, at least, and I've gotten prompts to turn it on a few times... no arcane bullshit required.

Just change any "" URL to "" and presto - Dark theme!

Tune in next week when we discover, again, that some 9-volt batteries have six AAAA-sized cells in them!

Comment Re:Illegal Speech (Score 1) 555

Speaking of not being able to read; The DOJ did not say the videos were illegal. The DOJ ordered UC Berkeley to make them compliant with ADA standards.

The university decided to remove the media because it was not worth the trouble and cost of fighting a lawsuit over compliance, and the cost of compliance was too high.

There was - is - absolutely nothing wrong with the videos themselves. The word "illegal" does not apply to any part of this situation. Big fuckin' difference.

Comment Re:Google Glass (Score 1) 119

Electric cars are a rich person's toy. Is the price difference less than a lifetime's worth of gas yet?

Last I checked - admittedly over five years ago - the premium cost of an electric vehicle (cost above a comparable gasoline vehicle in the same size and class) was paid for by fuel savings if you went with a least option. That is, the monthly lease cost for an EV minus the fuel cost savings was favorable to the monthly cost of leasing a comparable gasoline car.

Whether or not it's economical, however, depends on the cost of gas and how much you drive. When (not if) the price of gas goes back up to where it was circa 2012 then the economics will very much be in favor of EVs again.

Have they solved the range/long charge time problem?

These seem to be problems for people who go out of their way to make them problems.

Comment Re:Lots of Sunshine there (Score 5, Insightful) 201

Except you can't scale solar production up or down to handle fluctuations in demand.

You can scale it down, absolutely.

Or produce solar at night.

You don't need nearly as much power at night, and if they go with solar thermal you get quite a bit of storage "for free."

Or control the weather.

It's Arizona. They basically have two types of weather; Sunny and Night.

Comment Re:Fastest growing share is easy when you start at (Score 1) 382

My math says 1250 A @ 480V to fully charge 100kWh pack in 10 minutes

722 Amps since, at 480V, it's probably going to be three phase.

However, in the scenario you're suggesting, it would be more prudent to do battery swapping.

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