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Comment Re:Pot calling the kettle black (Score 1) 531

That article says he has a beef against her, but doesn't say anything about Clinton interfering with a Russian election.

However, this article discusses Clinton, as secretary of state, protesting AFTER Their elections that the elections weren't fair. Which, is a legitimate criticism of human rights:

I would say that most liberals know damn well that America influences elections and has basically installed leaders in many countries - from Chile to Iran. We don't like that.

But we also don't want a country with a worse human rights record than ours trying to get a demagogue elected who they know they can treat like a puppet - because the guy obviously has a slavic fetish and is weak-minded. But conservatives are eatin' in up. If that right there doesn't sum up both the amazing delusion of conservatives and the cognitive dissonance they constantly live in, I don't know what does.

Comment Obvious Evolution (Score 1) 414

It is an obvious evolution, I believe. Once mobile processors are as powerful as most desktop processors ( and how far off can that really be? ) it won't make sense to have a computer and a phone. The phone will be your computer. It will automatically pair up with your large screen monitor and keyboard when you are at home - and you can move the experience from screen to screen throughout your home or business. In the not too distant future, we will have flexible screens, so I can unfurl a 20" screen anywhere I need it. Also, Apple has been making more moves towards appliance computing than just adopting things like Launchpad. Starting with Lion, they are changing the way users think about documents - where they live, how they are saved. Apple's long term view is definitely about making computing easier and challenging existing paradigms. The danger is making something that doesn't appeal to power users. I for one think Apple can pull it off though.

Comment Re:How I see it... (Score 1) 1144

No no no. This isn't about spending levels, this is about the Affordable Care Act. Besides, we are already at sequester levels. This is already a compromise. But, again, they aren't debating spending levels, they are specifically talking about defunding or delaying Obamacare. Let's not be disingenuous.

Comment Re:Krugman (Score 4, Interesting) 540

You should probably read the article. Krugman is not saying these things, Gordon is. Krugman disagrees with him.

What Gordon then does is suggest that IR #3 has already mostly run its course, that all our mobile devices and all that are new and fun but not that fundamental. Itâ(TM)s good to have someone questioning the tech euphoria; but Iâ(TM)ve been looking into technology issues a lot lately, and Iâ(TM)m pretty sure heâ(TM)s wrong, that the IT revolution has only begun to have its impact.

Comment Particles (Score 1) 210

Perhaps someone who has more knowledge can elucidate me, but when they say "diluted by the Pacific ocean", I think the implication is that it is like dumping a million gallons of Kool-Aid in the ocean - it would disperse so much that the things that identify it as Kool-Aid - color and sweetness - would essentially disappear into the soup.

However, as I understand it, we are talking about irradiated particles. The radiation does not "dilute", right? It is like adding 2-3 deadly ping pong balls to a sports arena full of ping pong balls. The chances of encountering one are slim, but, if you do, you could die or be seriously hurt. ( I am talking about ingestion ).

And, it's not like the risk of ingestion is a function of the volume of the ocean necessarily, as there are specific vectors of distribution - mainly things like seaweed, krill, tuna, etc. that are small compared to the mass of the ocean, but significant in likeliness of human contact due to the over fishing and reliance on the ocean for food.

So, am I looking at a greater risk of ingesting a particle of cesium when I eat my canned tuna and having it give me cancer - or are we really saying that the properties of radiation are somehow lessened by contact with so much sea water?

Comment Re:How many more? (Score 1) 409

Even with your eyes open, you have to look - sometimes in the dark or without reading glasses - and react, and turn it around and try again and you know what, why can't we just plug the connector in without worrying about orientation. It's trivial, when reduced to a single event, but doing this day in and day out adds up. People don't get Apple. For me, every bit of friction removal like that has value. It's the attention to detail, the shine on the chrome, the icing on the cake.

Comment Re: sensors on the car can become dirty (Score 1) 140

I'm sure there is a self diagnostic and calibration that can sense when a sensor is dirty and prevent the car from operating. I also don't imagine that the car will be programmed to stop any more suddenly than is safe for all concerned. But, what's the alternative - plow into the pedestrian? Any of us would slam on our brakes anyway and stop as rapidly as we can. The thing about autonomous cars is that they will see the pedestrian and implement braking the microsecond he becomes visible - unlike human operators who are likely tp be brushing tacos off of their lap, fiddling with the stereo, texting, or watching some chick's ass on the side of the road.

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