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Comment As an old (63) guy.. (Score 3, Interesting) 207

My main talent is using tools to solve problems

Over the years, I have accumulated many development, circuit design, woodworking, metalworking, many construction skills, artistic skills and many more

I'm still getting paid very well to write software and design circuits

Young people ask.."how do you keep up on new languages?"

I answer, I program in C and C++, it's the best choice for embedded systems. Wanna talk about learning?

My latest project was on a new processor (~1900 page datasheet), a new OS, and 10-20 new components, communicating through nontrivial hardware adapters

Yeah, I can keep up with the young guys

It seems odd that they don't realize this

Comment Good move (Score 1) 159

I have been using the VisualGDB product for linux development. If this works as good or better, I'm happy

I have spent lots of time trying to find a decent IDE for linux, but none of the available options comes even close to Visual Studio

Yeah, if I have no options, I can get work done on any system, but a good IDE makes everything easier

Comment Good! (Score 1) 37

Sony was the world tech leader until they decided to get into the movie/record biz

Then, they were crippled by powerful people who valued fashion and power over tech

Source.. I worked for one of Sony's awful companies..we built the Metreon

Comment Not just USB (Score 1) 299

Yes, I agree that hardware improves over time, but some specialized applications depend on the old hardware

Lots of old stuff depends on a hardware parallel port..NOT an emulated USB to parallel printer adapter

Even more stuff, mostly industrial, requires a serial port, and sometimes the USB to serial adapters don't quite work

The mass consumer market is not the entire computing market

Comment I started programming in 1972 (Score 1) 342

I'm still getting paid well to write code today. I realize that this may sound egoistical and boastful, but I have only met one guy in all those years who was as good as me..and on a good day, I could probably beat him

I encourage young people to learn programming. I hope we develop more powerful tools that allow us to more easily manage the complexity of software. I'm not happy that software talent is very, very rare

In order to move beyond the crappy, bug ridden state of the art, we need bold, creative new ideas (and no, I don't have them). What we don't need is another layer on the shit cake of one shitty framework on top of another

It's just a fact that I don't understand. Most people suck at writing software

Comment Started in college, in 1972 (Score 1) 515

Programmed in Algol, on punch cards, for a Burroughs B6700 mainframe. Learned circuit theory, logic design and assembly programming as well

Then, in minicomputer lab, learned how enter the bootstrap program, in binary, with toggle switches

After college, took a break from computers to run a manufacturing business

I returned to computers with an Imsai 8080, taught myself how to program it in assembly, and used it to build a control system for an aerospace test rig

Later, I built an 8086 PC clone from a bare circuit board (yes, back then bare circuit boards were available). Taught myself how to program it in assembly

Then, I taught myself the C language, and got a job writing wafer inspection software..image processing on a 4Mhz 8086 requires some serious assembly skills

After that, I learned the 68000, and used it as the controller for a machine used in eye surgery

Next, I used a variety of commercial computers and custom designed microcontrollers for controlling a bunch of stuff in the theme park business

Various hardware designs and control designs followed, including a telepresence robot, stored-value payment system with SQL database, lane tracking system for semi-autonomous vehicle, computer-assisted landing system for military helicopters, control and monitoring system for charging large industrial batteries, and the control system for high power microwave amplifiers used in satellite communication

TL/DR..Learned the basics in college, the rest was self-taught

Comment Yes (Score 1) 982

It works fine for almost everything I do

Definitely turn off all of the "Metro" crap, and uninstall as much of it as possible

Turn off cortana and as much tracking as possible. Usability telemetry is fine with me, as long as it doesn't lead to crappy spam ads

I only had one problem..Solidworks 2013 doesn't run reliably. So, I have a win 8.1 bootable drive for it, (with grc "never10")..bit of a pain

This discussion will eventually become moot, as MS more and more aggressively forces win 10

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