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Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 384

Almost certainly, but it has to piss Bernie Sanders supporters off. This is a guy who supports deregulating banks, who's anti-abortion, who didn't support LGBT rights until 2011.

Whereas Trump insisted on putting Glass_Stegal into the GOP plank.
Trump is Main Street wealthy. He made his money by building things. Hillary OTOH like Wall Street make her money by stealing it.

Trump policies favor main street and disfavor Wall Street. Hillary's policies support Wall Street.

Is there any more to be said/?

Comment Newer better tablets aren't important. (Score 1) 170

I would say my 10 inch Note is very much worth it. But replacing it with something bigger and better won't do more then this dinosaur.
IOW, the inital market is gone and now the market is just replacement machines.

I don't have a smartphone, so I use my tablet for many things. Scan documents. Take pictures of things I am repairing so I know how to put them back together ( :) ). Viewing videos while I'm eating ( amazing how many videos of learning things are out there ), plus putting it next to my desktop while working and using it to read documentation so I have more power on my machine for my development tools.

I can't imagine a laptop doing many of these things. maybe a chromebook...

Comment Re:Women.... (Score 1) 499

Even though you are joking, you come close to nailing it.

People are saying that in the short term 50% of jobs are going away. More in the long term. Seems the way that society can deal with this is to have one person from each household not work.

I don't see that this creates much of a problem except for those people who say that people have to work to be real people.

The main problem I see is that the stay at home person would not have job experience in the event of a break up. Something society will have to deal with.

Comment Don't blame google. (Score 1) 89

First I don't oppose arbitration ( BTW often the arbnitrators are ex-judges ) but I think some safeguards have to be added. The way it is now is too abusive. Maybe states could require licensing of arbitrators.

As for Google, I don't particularly like it. but every other company does it. In particular there are people willing to put severed fingers in their chili so they can sue and companies do need a protection from that. If google didn't do it, then a judge would force them to if the shareholders decided to sue.

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