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Comment Re:so 6 months for 20 seconds, or 20 years? (Score 1) 146

I made the same comment above, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how people are sentenced in the US.

By the way, the drunk woman was actually unconscious, and the guy was caught in the act by 2 other students --- how that equates with only 6 months (he got let out in 3 actually) is beyond me.

Comment Re:the people dont care. (Score 0) 161

Wow, sorry someone pissed in your cornflakes.

There's a lot of good people working on (many volunteers), the whole concept is to teach kids about basic algorithms and logic, and get them excited about programming and tech in general. LOTS of schools and kids have benefited from their efforts.

Yes, they had something unfortunate happen, they owned up to it, they fixed it, they moved on -- so should you...

Comment The comments explain why --- azzhats abound (Score 1) 647

I've working as a developer/programmer for 20 yrs, and recently transitioned to teaching programming --- the comments pretty much show why women don't want to go into programming, it's not has nothing to do with 'self-selection', innate gender differences, etc., it has to do with them dealing with a bunch of d1cks.

I have karma to burn, so all those people in denial can mod me down -- but I've seen this shit firsthand for years, so justify your sexism and bias all you want, but most people posting hear are part of the problem. So go vote for Trump, and enjoy your Nov 8th meltdown

Comment Re:I'll probably get modded troll but... (Score 5, Insightful) 117

Had a friend many years ago who died of a (generally) treatable cancer because she didn't want to deal with traditional "evil" western medicine and tried all kinds of weird alternative therapies, none of which worked. Then she decided to go BACK for chemo, etc, but by that point it was too late.

She was a really neat, kind person too, sounds stupid I gues --, but I'm still pissed at her to this day for dying when she really didn't have to.

Comment Depends on the audience (Score 1) 239

If it's just for myself or a personal project, little comments or extraneous stuff

If a junior programmer or someone I haven't worked with before will be using it in some fashion, I'll probably use more descriptive variable names, more comments, even formal comment blocks describing a given method/function, etc.

But regardless of who it's for, I always use proper indentation, consistent naming conventions, etc., just makes life easier all around.

As far as error handling, again, depends on the audience, if there's an end user product where it really matters, then absolutely have thorough handling; if it's an internal app used by the dev team, probably stick to handling critical errors for the most part.

Comment Also about the BUSINESS of GMOs that's a concern (Score 1) 470

To be clear, while I have some hesitation about GMOs, a lot of it is about the ecological uncertainties (what happens if the 'Frankenfish' gets into the wild and out competes/outgrows wild salmon) and the corporate practices behind it (Monsanto monopoly and aggressive practices against independent farmers, etc).

It's not just about gene splicing or wearing tinfoil hats, there are very legitimate concerns about GMOs.

Also, don't lump everyone together, I'm 100% pro vaccine, but I do have reservations about GMOs.

Comment Re:Mising the point (Score 1) 171

" I don't think it should be shoved down their throats. Our schools should not be used to train students for particular jobs"

I teach computer science and robotics to high school students (and sometimes middle school), I can tell you with 100% we are NOT doing this to train them for particular jobs, but essentially ALL jobs. It hardly matters what career you go into these days, you need to have WAY more understanding of computers than I did growing up. I know many adults who are playing catch-up and have had to learn the basics of coding, as well as how to work with a database -- and it's not the core part of their field, but now it's a daily part of their work. If you go into ANY kind of research or R&D, you damn well better understand some basics.

And learning things like procedural thinking, how to create a logarithms, as well as understand the basics from variables up to classes and objects translates into other areas not just some specific task.

I also don't see kids getting turned off, most of them are like 'whoa... that's cool' it's largely HOW you introduce the subject. The visual feedback of coding in say RobotC or Arduino and then seeing their robots work, or learning CAD and then 3D printing things gets a lot of kids pretty psyched.

Comment Re:STEM (Score 2) 224


The 1950s called, they were looking for more archaic closed-minded dumbfucks... I'd be happy to provide a reference for you.

I work in education (teaching robotics and programming after working in the industry for 20 yrs). I
have girls/young women in my classes, don't fucking tell me girls/women don't like STEM you total fucking moron. Girls are some of the better ones in my class.

It's asshats like you that I have to contend with in getting more young women interested, and people like this.

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