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Comment Re:passed it along (Score 1) 16

Wow! You're really looking ahead. I would probably kill for a tea bush or two. What a fantastic idea. Never thought about it, really. Must look into that. I definitely have the altitude...wow...how come I never thought of that???

My neighbour has a beautiful thermosiphon on his roof, but I've not interrogated him about it. Yet.

Morel comes from an old nickname: Morelos. He was a hero in the war of Independence from Spain. He used to wear a bandanna to deal with constant headaches, apparently.

When I was younger I used to wear my hair quite long. I was heavily into rallying back then, as a competitor, and I got into the habit of wearing a bandanna after I took my helmet off, to deal with the hair. My friends quickly christened me Morelos.

Curiously, my previous nickname, a billion years ago in the Scouts, was Mor.

Even more curiously, one of the traditional recipes of my wife's family is Gratin au Morilles, baked morels stuffed with brie. Reeeaaaally good.

Comment Re:Eating report (Score 1) 16

Five bucks for a mamey?? Wow, that's steep. Must be at least 7x the price in Mexico.

Mamey is a great fruit to make into a sorbet. If you're feeling up to it, it's really easy to make. Just adapt any sorbet recipe you find.

Comment Re:That's it! (Score 1) 16

I stand corrected. There are various different ways to cook these things. See here. Boiling, if I remember correctly, works just like boiling pasta: just enough to cook it thoroughly but not enough to make it mushy. Looking at the recipes, though, makes me think baked or roasted is better.

Comment Re:not exactly (Score 1) 16

Aaaah! Perhaps you mean a chayote. Yep, you boil those and add some salt. They can be eaten hot or cold and cane be had alone, as part of a salad or stew, or any way you like. I'm not a big fan, but most people seem to like them fine.

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